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360 Surf Shop


360 Surf Shop

360 Surf Shop

Located at Plaza Brunela, 360 Surf Shop is standing on the white sand beach of Playa Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. The shop was opened by Julia Mueller-Schwenn in 2006. She is a fully experienced surf instructor and manager who has taught surfing in various countries including Hawaii, Indonesia and Costa Rica. After a decade of experience, she decided to open her own school and shop in the tropical country. In 2011, Ryan, a young Floridian surfer, moved to Santa Teresa and joined the shop to spread his love of ocean and surfing.

The Shop

360 Surf Shop works hard to provide their clients with excellent quality products in reasonable prices. The shop has everything you might require on your surf adventure both for rent and sale. Be it a bunch of colorful bikinis, a rash guard, sunblock or a variety of surf boards, leashes, pads, waxes, fins, 360 Surf Shop’s inventory is full.

360° Surf Shop and School

360° Surf Shop and School offers surf classes to every guest including little kids. If you have no previous experience, do not 360 Surf Shop 1worry! The classes are for all levels of surfing. The school has hired professional surf instructors who have good experience in the field. They ensure safety, try to keep the lessons fun and give each student undivided attention. The sessions can be held privately or in small groups of five students per instructor. During the classes, clients are provided with surf boards and accessories such as rash guard and ankle leash. To join, you can can come to the shop directly or book in advance by making a phone call or emailing them. Their phone number is +506-2640-0369  and email address is

Surf Packages

360 Surf Shop offers some really great packages designed according to student’s skills and age. The packages are listed below.

Beginner Base Deal

The course is five days long with daily 2 hours long lessons in which students are provided with a surfboard and are taught all about the basics of surfing including etiquette and ocean safety. The sessions can be private or in groups. In a private class, it will be just you and your instructor. It is a good option if you wish to learn quickly. Group sessions include five to six people, surfboards and two instructors.

Advanced and Intermediate Package

It is a three day surf course and each lesson in 2 to 3 hours long. The classes include 2 students per instructor. Depending on tides and swells, you will surf in different locations.

Contact 360 Surf Shop

Location: Plaza Brunela, Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Phone Number: +506-2640-0369
Facebook Page:
TripAdvisor Page:

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