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A Warm up Routine Before Surfing


A Warm up Routine Before Surfing

Warm up Routine Before Surfing

Surfing is an extremely exciting sport. Catching and riding a wave successfully is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Just like all other sports, surfing is very demanding. It requires a great deal of physical strength, perfect coordination and balance right from the start. Paddling out, catching a wave, standing up on a surfboard and performing aerial moves demand exacting effort. Before you go surfing in the ocean, it is necessary for you to prepare for it by incorporating a full body warm up. Many people don’t take the pre-surf warm up routine seriously and end up having severe injuries and cramps. Pre surf workout and fitness are imperative for having a continuous muscular interaction and balanced skills. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and strengthen your body for the upcoming session. After a good warm up routine, the body not only works with more flexibility and mobility but the overall performance is better and steady.

Types of Simple Warm Up Routine

A warm up can be active or passive. Active warm up includes exercising and jogging while a passive warm up can be achieved through Warm up Routine Before Surfing 1a hot shower or a sauna treatment. Both are advantageous and combining them helps to relax and stretch muscles even more nicely. Some of the common pre surf exercises are; Breathing Squats Perform a squat movement. Exhale when the body moves down and inhale as the body moves up while extending your arms upwards. Single Leg Upper Body Rotations Stand on one leg, bend the knee slightly, push your hip backward and place the arms in front of your body. Now, rotate your upper body slowly in a controlled movement while standing on a single leg. T-Rotation Push-ups Begin your push up and extend and rotate one arm upwards. At the same time rotate your body to one side. Now you are balanced only on one hand. Repeat the same motion on the opposite side. Other useful movements are jumping jacks, butt drops, reverse lunge, side to side lunge and warrior lunge. Try to perform your warm up routine continuously without taking any break. A session of 5 to 15 minutes is good enough to increase your circulation, stretch your ligaments and make you energetic. A warm up prior to surfing must be fast and active. It should not include any static stretching, the type where you maintain the muscle position for some time, because it will reduce the elasticity of muscles. This type of stretching should only be performed after you have surfed.

Develop Tolerance

Professional surfers who ride for long duration will need to develop a full body tolerance. Surfing for extended period will require a high amount of energy. A combination of regular swimming, boxing, jogging, jumping jacks, jump ropes and workout circuits will prepare a surfer for difficult times.

Take a Look at a Pre-Surf Warm Up

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