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Al Chile Surf Shop and School


Al Chile Surf Shop and School

Al Chile Surf Shop and School

Al Chile Surf Shop and School is located in front of Brunelas Hostel at the north end of town of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. The school offers a perfect opportunity to experience the superb breaks of Santa Teresa and its nearby town along with providing amazing surfboards, surf equipment and beachwear in good prices. The shop is named after a popular Costa Rican slang “Al Chile!” which means ‘for real!’. Shop at Al Chile, learn to surf and polish your skills by joining the school, and have a fabulous surf expedition of your lifetime. Al Chile Surf Shop and School guarantees a wonderful experience.

The Surf Shop

They offer a wide variety of surf board including long boards, short boards and body boards. Whether you are a brand new surfer Al Chile Surf Shop and School 1or a seasoned one, the shop will help you find the perfect surfboard and other equipment. The shop has both new and used boards of amazing quality for sale. They mostly have products of Carton, Honeycutt and Aloha. If your dear old board needs to be repaired, do not worry. Al Chile will fix it in a short time. They also have a wide selection of surf accessories such as leashes, decks, wax, ding repair kits and clothing. The shop also offers personalized surfboard artwork by a Costa Rican artist William Borges. If you have any queries, contact them at 506 2640 0959 or email at

Surf Lessons

Al Chile features different kinds of options depending upon your surfing skills and needs. Beginners, intermediates and veterans are all welcome. According to your wish, you can learn in groups or privately with an instructor. The charges of private classes are higher than group lessons. Talking of instructors, Al Chile has a team of professional and experienced surf teachers who are also trained as lifeguards. Instructors are both male and female. All the staff is multilingual, completely fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French. Al Chile offers Private one one one classes, groups lessons for 2 or more, a three day course and a five day course.

All the classes are two hours long and during it students are allowed free access of the surfboard, rash guard and other gear for 24 hours. The very first beginner lesson begin with a 15 minute theory session on the beach followed by two practical classes in the water. Soft top boards are recommended for first timers to avoid injuries. Intermediate and advanced surfers are taken to more challenging surf breaks so that they can take their surfing skills to the next level. Reservations are highly recommended because the spots fill up quickly. You can book by emailing them at


Contact Al Chile Surf Shop and School

Location: In front of Brunelas Hotel, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Phone Number: +506 2640 0959
Facebook Page:
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