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Barco Quebrado Surf Spot Report


Barco Quebrado Surfing

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Surf Spot: Barco Quebrado
Break Type: Rivermouth
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: Southeast, East, Northeast
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: All tides – Rising and falling tides


Barco Quebrado is a beautiful beach nestled in a cove encircled by cliffs, rocks and dense forests. The beach is located in Limon Barco Quebrado SurfingProvince of Costa Rica just north to another beautiful beach called Barrigona. Playa Barco Quebrdo is situated approximately 9 kilometers away from Playa Garza. The beach is well known for its mystical beauty, swimming, diving opportunities and surfing. The area is very secluded until you get near to Cahuita National Park. Surfers, be it beginners, intermediate or veterans, can have a fabulous time here.

Barco Quebrado features a rivermouth at Rio del Banano which remains consistent throughout the year. The waves are regular, fairly short and quite fun to ride. They ride up to 50 meters breaking over a sandy bottom. They ride to left and right but favor the rights more. The waves are best ridden when the wind blows from the southwest and nice swells are picked from the northeast, east and southeast. The swells can hold up to 6 feet. Windswells are more common than groundswells. Watch out for rip currents, undertows and jellyfishes.

As mentioned before, the beach is  just north to another beautiful beach called Barrigona. Playa Barrigona is a 500 acres of private jungle nestled in an isolated area on the Nicoya Peninsula. The villas on the respite are owned by a famous Hollywood actor, Mel Gibson. There is a small, deserted white sand beach close by the jungle.

Surf Camps

Surf camps found nearby Boca Quebrado include Surf For Life, Nomad Surfers Surf Camp, Hostel Crocodile Surf Camp, Totem Surf School and Tours and Totem Hotel Beach Resort.

Accommodations Nearby Barco Quebrado, Limon

If you want to surf the waves of Barco Quebrado, you can find some great accommodations in Puerto Limon that are located in close proximity to the beach and rivermouth. There are many surfer friendly places for lodging like camp sites, bed and breakfast, hostels and luxury to budget range hotels. Be it a family, a couple or a solo backpacker, everyone will find something that suits their needs.

Surf Forecast

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