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Best Surf Camps in Costa Rica


Ten of the best surf camps in Costa Rica

When in Costa Rica, do like the locals! If you want to enjoy this beautiful tropical country’s best surfing, views of the sea, and tasty cuisine, surf camps are a great way to travel. Whether you have been surfing for years, or are just getting pyched for your first vide, these surfcamps will help get you onto the waves.

Many surf camps are also surf schools. So if you don’t know how to surf, they will have e instructors onsite to teach you the basics, or improve what you’ve already got.

Whether it’s your first trip or a repeat visit, surfing is something you have to experience in Costa Rica to really learn to love this popular sport. And if you’re flying all the way here, you may as well experience it at one of the best places. Here we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of some of the best of the best that Costa Rica has to offer (out of hundreds):

1. Anamaya Resort

costa rica surf school

    • With magnificent views, and possibly the best pool you will find in any surf camp, you can’t beat the experience. With week long programs, you are bound to enjoy some of the top surf destinations in Montezuma. Whether you want to take in the biggest waves, enjoy the views, or take part in the seven day camps, this is the resort to visit (

Anamaya Surf Camp and Yoga Retreats


2. Corky Caroll’s Surf Camp

    • This camp also offers visitors a surf school, so they can learn the trade if they have never surfed. Located in Nosara Costa Rica, the school welcomes everyone, all ages, and all experience levels. The resort also provides all inclusive services, and daily filming is provided, so you can remember the experience forever (


3. Costa Rica Surf Camp

    • Something special about this camp is the fact that they want you to enjoy surfing, but also provide tours outside of the water. The camp is located in Playa Dominical, famous for great ways, the longest beaches, and green mountain views. And, with 80 degree water temperatures, you won’t want to get out of the water (


4. Green Iguana Surf Camp

green iguana surfer

    • Also located in Playa Dominical, this well known camp has been around for some time. All instructors are trained lifeguards, and have perfected the sport, so can help get you out in the waterways in no time. With surf camps, school, and surf trips, you can enjoy a variety of options to get out there, and really enjoy the waves. If you need training, the licensed instructors will help you in all aspects; and, for those who are more experienced, you can try a surf trip, to see what the destination has to offer to visitors (


5. Playa Grande Surf Camp

    • In the Guanacaste Province, this is probably the most well known camp, and school, for those who want to learn how to surf. Being less than 100 meters from the beach, and minutes from Tamarindo, there is no better destination to visit. The family owned business makes it a close knit community feel, and everyone who visits is allowed to surf (


6. Shaka Surf Camp

    • Playa Hermosa (north of Mal Pais), is a surfer’s top destination for waves, great surf, and optimal surfing conditions year round. If you enjoy travel and adventure, this camp is bound to provide it. Guests, at any experience lesson, can engage in daily lessons if they choose, and with packages that last from a couple of days, to a couple of weeks, you never have to leave. If you want to experience an engaging retreat, you can also include a yoga package when you visit the destination (


7. Tamarindo Surf Camp

Tamarindo surf instructor Elmer Zelaya Ugarte

    • Located in the Guanacaste Province, the destination is world famous for the biggest and best waves. There are a variety of surf camp options to choose from, for beginners and intermediate surfers. You can choose a luxury surf package for 5 days, with 3 days included instruction (2 hours each day), or choose week long package deals. You also have unlimited use of the surf boards. With luxury camps, rustic camps, and other package options, there is something for everyone at this luxurious and well known spot (


8. Una Ola Surf Camp

    • This camp is located in Pavones, Costa Rica. The location is ideal for those who love beauty and nature, and with surf camps at all times of the day, you can improve your skills, or take on great challenges and waves. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced surf camp groups to choose from. With hands on lessons by top professionals, you are bound to love this retreat, and package options when you visit (


9. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

    • Located in Tamarindo, the camp’s ultimate goal is to provide all visitors with the optimal surf conditions. The camp’s operator has been surfing for his entire life, and will guarantee an excellent retreat. There are many resort features, on site shops, you can purchase gear, and you can rent surfboards as needed. Access to the best waves, and beginner, intermediate, and advanced surf groups, are options available to you when you visit. All instructors are veteran surfers, and prior to taking you out for the day, the surf report is checked daily, to ensure optimal waves, and the best time of the day to catch the perfect wave (


10. Zopilote Surf Camp

zopilote surfing costa rica

    • A final option for surf camps in Costa Rica is Zopilote, located in Playa Hermosa de Cobano. With constant waves, and the most secluded beach destinations, this camp will take you to the best hidden surf spots in Costa Rica, as well as some of the most well known beaches for surfing. Depending on your level of expertise, there are three destinations (Santa Teresa, Playa de Carmen, and Manzanillo), all offer great waves, challenges, and the ideal surf conditions (


No matter what level you’re at, these surf camps provide an unforgettable experience in one of the world’s most beautiful (and fun) countries. Some are open for daily lessons, while others focus on a more long-term retreat-type surf camp experience.

A visit to a surf camp is much better than a hotel. Here you’ll bond not only with your instructors but with other guests from around the world. This shared experience not only gains you new friends, but in general makes for a much more exciting trip. So, if you want to live the surfer-dude lifestyle for a few days, or a couple of weeks, Costa Rica is the place to be, where the surf is always up, and new daily adventure is just around the corner.

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