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Boca Quepos Surf Guide


Boca Quepos Surf Guide

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Surf Spot: Boca Quepos
Break Type: Rivermouth
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: Northwest, Southwest
Ride Direction: Left
Tides: Low tide


Quepos is not actually a surf town and the waves are very inconsistent. However, if you are in the town, the waves are sometimes worth to surf. The break is a fast and hollow rivermouth with a long left riding up to 100 to 200 meters. It requires a solid and large swell to break which comes from the northwestern and southwestern hemispheres. The best time to surf is at a low tide when the swell is headed from the west and northwest. When the waves are powerless, the swell is great for long boarders and beginners. The water of Boca Quepos is very polluted so do take a long bath afterwards.Manuel Antonio

Playa Isla Damas is a small island located north of Quepos. The 6 kilometers long stretch of island is a remote area that offers a great surfing platform. The island is only accessible by a boat. It features a beach break that peels to the right. The waves are very powerful and strong with hollow rights. The break is best ridden at a mid to low tide when large swells are picked up from the northwest or west. The waves are consistent throughout the year and have an average length. Most of the times the waves close out when they get bigger than overhead. The beach break is only recommended to seasoned surfers. Watch out for rips, currents and crocodiles. Besides surfing, Playa Isla Damas is quite popular for its estuaries, bird species and mangroves.

Surf Camps in Quepos

Surf camps that organize surf classes in Quepos include Tres Olas Surf Camp, Del Mar Surf Camp and Nomad Surfers Surf Camp. They offer surf classes to all sorts of surfers.

Accommodations Nearby Boca Quepos

Surfers traveling to Boca Quepos can stay in Quepos. Quepos has numerous attractive options for lodging. Some of the highly recommended places are Villa Kristina Apartments, Albergue Alma de Hatillo, La Sirena Hotel, La Foresta Nature Resort, Layla Resort, Hotel Villa Romantica and Hotel Mono Azul.

Surf Forecast

Surf Adventures in Quepos

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