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Cabuya Surf Guide


Cabuya Surfing

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Surf Spot: Cabuya
Break Type: Point break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: South
Ride Direction: Left
Tides: Low tide


Located on the southern end of Nicoya Peninsula, Cabuya is a picturesque village where you can spend a quiet getaway. Cabuya is Cabuya Surfingnearby all the tourist attractions. Whether you want to visit the Montezuma’s cascading waterfall, wish to catch the waves of Santa Teresa or explore the wildlife of Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the beach village has an idyllic location. Moreover, Cabuya has got some quaint attractions itself. It features a small cemetery island by the name of Isla de Cabuya found only a few meters away from the coastline. The rare isle is from the pre-Columbian time and it is still used as a burial ground. On the extreme end of this island there is a reef spot with rocky tide pools great for snorkeling, surfing and swimming.

On the Cabuya Island, there is a ‘secret’ surf spot on the right side of the beach. It is a heavy point break that goes to the left and requires big swells from the south to work. The break is unpopular as it is faraway and inconsistent. During the low tide, it is possible to walk out to the spot. You can also hire a boat from Montezuma or Cabuya to take you directly to the break. If you happen to be in the area, Cabuya’s point break might offer an awesome platform for surfing.

Los Reyes is a surf spot found just before Cabuya Bridge at the Rio Lajas Rivermouth. It is a right handed point break on the inside of the peninsula. Although, the waves are great to surf, accessing the spot is not. To reach the break, you need to walk 100 meters or so over a sharp rocky base.

Surf Camps

Popular surf camps located nearby Cabuya include:

Anamaya in Montezuma
La Escuela del Sol in Cabuya
Rancho Delicioso in Delicias

Things to do in Cabuya

Cabuya is a gateway to a heavenly Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. The park provides visitors a great base to try out numerous activities. Hiking on the mountainous tracks, bird watching, beach combing, zip lining and so many other sporty stuff is possible. The rivermouth of Rio Lajas is not just great for surfing but also offers a glimpse of wonderful tropical birds such as kingfishers, herons, toucans and roseate spoon bills! On hot days, you can also take a quick swim! For accommodations, Cabuya features places perfect for everyone; be it luxury, mid range or budget friendly. There are few restaurants and sodas in Cabuya that serve both international and traditional Costa Rican cuisines.

Surf Adventures in Cabuya

For more information on Cabuya Surfing, visit:

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