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Cahuita Beach


Cahuita Beach

Cahuita Beach

Cahuita is a little beach city situated along the stunning Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The city is located in the Talamanca Canton of Limon Province. Cahuita is widely renowned among the tourists and locals for its cluster of secluded sparkling beaches, delicious food particularly crepes, thrilling night life and numerous nature and sporty adventures. Cahuita also houses the famous national park that shares the name with the town. Regarded as one of the most exotic parks of the country, Cahuita National Park is a heavenly getaway for adventurous visitors featuring the biggest coral reef of Costa Rica. The coastal town has a small population of 4000 or so residents who are mainly of Afro-Caribbean descent. In Cahuita, tourists are most fascinated by the astounding black sand beach dotted with swaying palm trees and crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea. The clean shorelines are amazing for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing and picnicking. A fun festival is celebrated by the locals every year in July at the beach. As the place is tourist orientated, there are plenty of beautiful accommodations, restaurants, bars and surf shops.

Accommodations in Cahuita

Cahuita presents plenty of options for accommodations. There are various hostels that are great for backpackers, groups of friends and solo adventurers. People can camp right on the Playa Negra and sleep under the starlit sky. Many hostels can even arrange a tent for you on the beach upon your request within a couple of bucks. They will also allow you to utilize a few of their facilities like washrooms and showers. The town has a handful of cozy Bed and Breakfasts services. El Encanto is a charming B&B service located in Black Beach nearby the Cahuita National Park. Vacationers seeking a somewhat elegant place with internet access, lush gardens and terraces with oceanic views should try out the Hotel Magellan Inn in Playa Grande. Other family friendly hotels are La Piscina Natural, Shangri-La Hostel and Secret Garden.


Cahuita is on the southern coast of the Caribbean region and weather conditions are quite wet as compared to other places in the country. The town is subjected to rainfall most of the year. For traveling and sporty ventures, February, March, September and October are superb.

Get In and Around

Visitors can get to Cahuita by getting on one of the buses and taxis that depart from San Jose, Puerto Limon or Sixaola. The city is very small and tourists can easily explore the town on foot.

Surfing in Cahuita

In Cahuita, surf expeditions can be carried out in the following areas:


Playa Westfalia is a vast beach that stretches from the coast of Limon to Cahuita. It features a number of rivermouths and beach breaksCahuita Beach 1 with high tides. The waves can be surfed but the area has plenty of crocodiles and polluted water. It is only recommended for veterans who want to accomplish anther feat.

Cahuita’s Black Beach (Playa Negra)

Playa Negra, commonly known as the Black beach, is a tiny, black sand beach located south of Limon. The beach features a parking lot. It is best if you don’t leave anything in the car and don’t forget to keep the doors locked. The beach offers sandy breaks with small waves great for novices who are just beginning to surf. Often, when the tide is high and the swell is large, the waves grow bigger and hollow and very fun to ride even for the professionals. The water has many sea urchins and pointy reefs on the southern end of the beach so do watch out.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is located just next to the Cahuita National Park. It presents waves that break at chest high or bigger off a shallow reef closing out after a short left. The best time to surf the waves is when the mid tide coming in. The beach is popular among the locals and tourists alike and it usually gets very crowded.

Playa Vargas

Playa Vargas is situated inside the Cahuita National Park. The secluded surf spot is larger than the other Caribbean surf destinations. Due to its far off location, the place is not that popular but it is an amazing point for those who wish to surf alone in peace.

A Big-Wave Surf Adventure in Playa Negra nearby Cahuita

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