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Central Valley / San Jose Surf Shops


Central Valley / San Jose Surf Shops

Central Valley San Jose Surf Shops

The Central Valley is a plateau in the central part of Costa Rica. The plain land is surrounded by various mountains and volcanoes. The valley also includes the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. Although it not exactly a tourist spot, San Jose features many beautiful parks, museums, zoos, butterfly farms, coffee farms and platforms for canopy tours and rafting. The city is in close proximity to famous surf beaches such as Dominical, Playa Hermosa, Uvita and a few more which is why you will find a handful of surf shops in the town. Some of them are listed below.

Planeta Surf y Skate

Planeta Surf y Skate is a large surf store in Vistana West Mall, Santa Ana, San Jose. It is the very first surf shop in the metropolitan area and provides an array of excellent quality products. They have both local and international brands in the shop. Buy some of the best branded surfboards, tables, accessories and clothes needed for surfing. Planeta surf y Skate also presents a variety of other things such as scooter repair kit, skating accessories and apparel and packages for surf lessons as well. For convenience, all packages include transportation. Planeta Surf y Skate has products of some famous companies such as Al Merrick, JS, Firewire, Lost, Bill Johnson, Byrne and Sharp Eye, Volcom, Reef, Von Zipper, Kustom, Nixon, Freestyle, Dakane, FCS, Sticky Bumps and so on. For more information, visit the store, call them 2293 3141 and check out their Facebook page.

Planeta Surf y Skate Page

San Jose Surfboards

San Jose Surfboards is an online service that allows people to rent surfboards and get it delivered to their homes or hotels through the website. It can be expensive to buy a good surfboard in a foreign country and there is always a risk of damaging or losing your precious board on the flight. San Jose Surfboards saves you from all the trouble. With just a few click, order a suitable board in a good price. The staff is responsible for delivering and picking it up without charging any additional fee. Along with the board, some surf wax and ankle leash are also given. It is recommended that you book the board at least two days before. Check out their website for the list of their surfboards. If you wish to order, just fill out their reservation form. For more details, email them at

San Jose Surfboards Website

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