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Costa Rica is the Land of Many Beautiful Beaches


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Who doesn’t like going out to smell the fresh open air of the sea? It’s safe to say that a pristine beach is nearly universally loved, and beaches are the ultimate vacation getaway for most. Vacationers can do lots of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving. Volleyball, Tug-of-war and other games can be played by kids and adults alike. Everybody loves the beach. And everybody loves great beaches.

Vacationers are always looking for the best beaches in the world. People travel to different countries in search for that perfect beach—such as Costa Rica. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is blessed with rich biodiversity and gorgeous beaches. The country has numerous bays, peninsulas and coasts and has utilized them to attract more tourists. Costa Rica’s beaches truly offer the get-away-from-it-all vacation most travelers are searching for.

Southern Nicoya Peninsula

One of thousands of beautiful, remote, and undeveloped beaches in Costa RicaCosta Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula has been a top tourist destination for some time. It’s famous for its unspoiled beaches. One can enjoy beaches such as Montezuma, Tamarindo and Santa Teresa. Montezuma can be found at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. It has been known as the “Bohemian Beach” since Bohemian-inspired travelers often come to Montezuma. There are also tide pools and hidden waterfalls to enjoy within the beach town.


The Tamarindo beach area is a haven for world-class travelers. It has now grown into a traveler’s paradise since it has been developed to accommodate tourists’ every need. Restaurants and supermarkets have opened nearby the beach for the tourists’ convenience. Aside from swimming, travelers can enjoy coastal activities such as zip-lining, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. Mal Pais beach town is known as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches is the world. Its white sand coves have attracted many travelers including celebrities giving the small town its current popularity.

Corcovado / Osa Peninsula

Aside from the beaches of Nicoya Peninsula, Corcovado is also considered a top tourist beach destination in Costa Rica. It is located in the Osa Peninsula which is in the southwest of Costa Rica. Corcovado has preserved its pristine condition even though many tourists have visited it. Travelers enjoy its natural splendor by pitching tents and spending nights on the beach while on vacation.
One of the first discovered beaches in Costa Rica is the Manuela Antonio beach. It has become well-known because of its breathtaking views and sights. The vibrant colors of blue and green are incorporated in the sea, jungle-covered mountains and sky. Since it’s the most visited beach in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio also has a very active night life in the nearby town area.


Tortuguero is a beach on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side. It’s located in the north of Limon. Its name loosely translates to “Land of Turtles.” As its name suggest, sea turtles can be found in its waters. Vacationers can get a chance to see these creatures during their egg-laying season, which is from April to May and July to October, depending on the species of turtle.

Other beaches such as Punta Uva, Playa Dominical, Manzanillo and Bonita beach can also be visited in Costa Rica. More beaches are being developed for tourism each year. And many of the known beaches are growing in development to accommodate the many tourist visiting Costa Rica.

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