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Costa Rica’s Most Famous Surf Spots


Costa Rica’s Most Famous Surf Spots

Costa Rica's Most Famous Surf Spot1

Costa Rica is a tropical country featuring a string of sun drenched white-sand beaches fronted by a vast ocean and a verdurous jungle on the backdrop. The country is tourist friendly and offers numerous sport opportunities and sightseeing options. Its rich coasts live up to everyone’s expectations. Tourists and locals can enjoy eco tours, wildlife watching, sportfishing, and kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and not to mention its incredible beach breaks and surf spots. Costa Rica is considered one of the top ten surfing countries. The crystal clear water is mostly warm and many spots are isolated. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, you will find the tropical surfing destination really impressive.

Surf, Surf and Surf…

You will find plenty of perfect surfing points along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.Costa Rica's Most Famous Surf Spot

Surf Spots in the Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has many awesome spots for both beginner and professional surfers. The waves are mostly regular, smooth and consistent throughout the year.


Dominical is a quiet oceanfront town with a relaxed ambiance. It is great for surfers who are looking for an uncrowded place. The surf is mainly beach break with sand bottoms and shallower swells. For bigger swells, head towards the southern end of the beach where there is a point break with larger waves. The good months to surf are from May to October.

Ollie’s Point

Ollie’s Point is in Santa Rosa National Park and can be accessed by a boat only. You will have to pay the fees in order to enter the park. It is situated in a rivermouth featuring rapid, hollow waves that break on the beach. The surfing condition is great all year round with low to mid tides. The spot is ideal for longboarders.

Playa Grande

Playa Grande is a beach break located just north to Tamarindo. It has a 3 feet overhead, hollow peaks and barrels. The surf point gets very crowded from June to August and from December to April when the tides are mid to high. The beach boasts consistent waves with a fast beach break called La Casita. If you go further towards the north, you will discover another great surf spot that breaks left and right!

Witch’s Rock

Witch’s Rock is also located in the Santa Rosa National Park and is accessed by a boat. The point has clean, glassy waves with offshore winds during the months from December to April. Watch out for the crocodiles and sharks.

Tamarindo Rivermouth

The rivermouth in Tamarindo is great for longboarders. The breaks are excellent on low tides and even though the waves appear smaller, they are not so.

Suck Rock

Located in Santa Teresa, Suck Rock is a famous right hand beach break. The waves are fast and large often rising up to 20 feet! The break is very popular among both tourists and locals.

La Lora Amarilla

La Lora Amarilla is considered one of the top five surf spots in Costa Rica. It is located in Santa Teresa. The wave is hollow; A shaped and breaks in both directions during the low tide. When the currents are strong and the tide is high, the wave can create a large wall of water up to 150 meters! La Lora is free from rocks; features perfectly shaped consistent waves making itself a most favored surfing destination.

Pico Pequeno

Pico Pequeno, also called as The Little Peak, is a rocky and a powerful surf point located in Tamarindo. The frequency of waves is consistent with an awesome wind and swell directions. The waves break both left and right and are normally about 50 m in length. For advanced surfers who enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding a strong wave Pico Pequeno will prove to be a fabulous challenge.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is located minutes away from Jaco. It offers consistent surf breaks throughout the year. The waves are rip currents and weak which makes it convenient for beginners. The best time to surf is from May to October when the swells are large.

Playa Negra

Playa Negra is located south to Tamarindo. It is one of the most popular surf spots on the Pacific coast. The water forms barrel waves when tides and swells are good. It is great for beginners and advanced surfers.

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen is in Mal Pais. It features a superb beach breaks with various peaks that break right and left. The swells have excellent height and are headed from both south and north. The waves are very easy to surf making the beach a suitable place for novices and beginners.

Punta Barrigona

Punta Barrigona is a reef break located in Mal Pais with rock bottoms that has a long left hand that turns into a massive hot dog wave. It is only suitable for advanced surfers.

Surf Spots in the Caribbean Coast

Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita is a beautiful beach in Limon. It is very popular among the locals who go there to spend weekends. It has a beach break which can get really big before closing out and a reef break with shallow, fast and hollow waves.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo has two amazing surf points Salsa Brava and El Barco. Salsa Brava is a right hand reef break famous for its barrel waves during the months of January and March. It is only suitable for advanced surfers because the waves are powerful and inconsistent. For beginners, El Barco is better. It is located north to Salsa Brava.

Playa Cocles

Playa Cocles is a pretty beach located a few kilometers away from Puerto Viejo. The waves are real fun to ride when the tide is high. It is great for intermediate to advanced surfers.

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