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Dominical – A Surfer’s Sanctuary


Dominical – A Surfer’s Sanctuary


Dominical is a coastal town situated in the province of Puntarenas, on the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica just south to Quepos. It is famous for its enormous, powerful waves that attract surfers from all over the world. Few years back, the beach town was a quiet fishing village, when suddenly it became a holiday hot spot. Even though Dominical’s main pursuit is surfing, the town is also renowned for its spectacular beaches, verdurous jungles and a wide array of sport opportunities. The weather stays nice with mild sunny days and cool nights. From young backpackers to families with little kids, Dominical offers a safe, adventurous and a satisfyingly peaceful respite.

Surf Adventures in Dominical

Dominical 1Dominical is home to Costa Rica’s most consistent and barreling set of waves. The waves are huge and powerful often reaching the height of 10 feet. The waves get even bigger near the Rio Baru rivermouth! Occasionally, there are high currents and rip tides that can make surfing and swimming difficult. The breaks are perfect for advanced surfers who are looking for a challenging set of waves to brave. The direction of swells is from the north-west or south-west and the direction of wind is usually south-east or north-east.

Located a short drive away, Playa Dominicalito is located just south of Dominical. The beach features ideal waves for beginner surfers. It is also a popular spot for sportfishing. – Cambutal, or The Point, is a long, left hand reef break with swells as high as 15 feet. Sometimes the swells are small and perfect for novices to ride, however most of the time they are too big.

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Surf Schools in Dominical

Surfing is big in Dominical due to which there are numerous surf schools in the town. Some of the popular surf camps are:

The schools not only conduct surf sessions on the best spots possible but also provide accommodations, surf equipment, transportation, and often arrange other adventurous tours as well.

Where to Eat and Sleep in Dominical

Whether you want to sleep under the starlit skies or on a plush bed of a five star hotel, Dominical has a wide range of accommodations to offer. Let’s start from the cheapest hotel of the town, El Coco. The rooms are simple, clean and very affordable. The hotel is perfect for solo travelers and bunch of friends who don’t want to spend too much money. It also has a restaurant that features delicious meals. Que Nivel is another budget friendly town with a surf shop. For a more family oriented lodging, Hotel Domilocos and Hotel Cuna del Angel will make a better choice. If you wish to stay in a total lavishness, you should try out Costa Paraiso or Villas Alturas. The resorts have everything one requires for a luxurious retreat. Dominical has a large variety of restaurants that range from small sodas and diners to large upscale restaurants and bars.

Yoga in Dominical: For a truly cool place to go, try Danyasa, formally known as Bamboo Yoga Play. The air-conditioned rooms are made out of recycled shipping containers. You can go for a yoga retreat, or just stay the night since it’s a hotel too. Plus they’ve got the coolest gift shop in town. More info:

Other Activities in Dominical

Dominical is said to have the most beautiful coastline of Costa Rica’s Pacific region. The clean oceanic water and pretty beaches proffer an abundance of fun activities. Snorkeling and scuba diving can be quite fun as the water clarity is amazing and one can observe a plethora of marine organisms very easily. Creatures like giant manta rays, porpoises, white tip reef sharks, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and hundreds of colorful fishes are commonly seen. Visitors should also try out sea kayaking, sportfishing and sailing while on their vacation in Dominical. For white water rafting and fresh water fishing, head over to the beautiful Savegre River that flows through the mountains. The river has many safe swimming holes where one can take a dip to cool off. Naranjo River also provides rafting opportunities. Land activities include horseback riding, canopy jungle tours, zip lining, hiking, and bird watching and guided eco tours.

Surfing in Dominical

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