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Isla Uvita Surf Breaks


Isla Uvita Surf Breaks

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Surf Spot: Isla Uvita
Break Type: Reef-coral break
Difficulty Level: Experienced surfers
Ride Direction: Left
Best Swell Direction: Southeast, East, Northeast
Tides: All tides


Isla Uvita, also known as Island of Small Grapes, is a secluded isle encircled by reef. It is located about 40 minutes boat ride away from Isla Uvita SurfingLimon. The deserted island has a reef break with powerful, fast and hollows waves breaking to the left over a sharp and shallow reef bottom. The juicy barreling waves are known to get triple overhead without closing out. Their length range from 50 to 150 meters. The waves can get even bigger when the swells are picked up from Southeast, East and Northeast direction. Windswells are much more common than groundswells and the waves are best ridden when they come from the Northeast. The surf is bigger on the island than on the mainland which is why the reef break has gained popularity among wave riders. Due to the presence of many sharp rocks, the spot is potentially dangerous for beginners. Isla Uvita is only safe for experienced surfers. The island is completely undeveloped with no accommodations or shops. The spot may get crowded on weekends but the surf session is isolated most of the time. There are frequent rip currents, jelly fishes and sharp coral so be careful.

Tourists can also enjoy snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving on the island.

How to Get to Isla Uvita

People can only access Isla Uvita by a boat ride which is about twenty minutes away from Limon’s mainland. The island has no restaurants, hotels or any other facilities so it is better to come prepared. Camping on the sight is not allowed yet many people sometimes do camp out there.


If you wish to visit Isla Uvita, you can lodge in one of the accommodations in Limon. Some of the popular lodging options are Hotel Playa Westfalia, Laguna Lodge Hotel Limon, Hotel Playa Bonita, Cabinas El Oasis, Hotel & Country Club Suerre and Maribu Caribe Hotel.

Surf Camps

Popular surf camps on Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica include Surf For Life, Nomad Surfers Surf Camp, Hostel Crocodile Surf Camp, Totem Surf School and Tours and Totem Hotel Beach Resort.


Surf Forecast

Surf Adventures in Isla Uvita

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