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La Piña


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Panmoramic Photo south of Pavones Surf Spot, Costa Rica

Just on the other side of the Rio Claro, where the famous Pavones wave begins, is one of the most beautiful sections of beach in Costa Rica. Extending for miles all the way to Punta Banco, you will find a series of gorgeous white sand coves and formations of boulders in the sea. Perhaps the most beautiful section is called La Piña, which is the first part you’ll find after Pavones.

At one particularly spectacular area, is a large boulder with a set of cement stairs built in, and a concrete bench on top for watching the waves and the surfers. Another rock nearby has a palm tree growing right on top of it! Anyone with a camera can take postcard-ready photos here on a sunny day.

Surfing La Piña

With the country’s best wave right next to this spot, you won’t find many people on the point breaks here. However, you may be lucky enough to see some of the local kids who live here, defying injury or death on a daily basis, weaving in and out of a set of very sharp boulders, as you can see in one of the photos in the gallery below.

When I saw them surfing out there, I have to admit it freaked me out. I’ve done a lot of action sports, surfing some rocky spots and other crazy stunts like picking up snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions with my bare hands, but this just seemed nuts. And the kids’ parents were right there, selling juice and coconuts all day.

I asked them “How can you two be relaxed and smiling when your children are committing suicide right in front of you?”

They laughed and said they had been surfing that spot since they were very young and knew it very well. Apparently they have a lot of confidence in them.

Yoga in Pavones with Amy

Amy’s Yoga

La Bruschetta Italian Restaurant

La Bruschetta Pizzeria

La Ponderosa Hotel

La Ponderosa Hotel

The first business you’ll find here is Amy’s yoga, with a large elevated wood deck built under a palm roof “rancho” structure, from where you can see her gardens and the sea. Classes are held nearly every day, at a variety of times and with many styles. Expect to find between 2-12 yogis practicing at her classes.

The La Piña restaurant, now also know as La Bruschetta, serves delicious pizza and Italian food.


Most of the accommodations in the Pavones area are concentrated around the wave itself, but there are a couple of hotels to note here, which are a great option for those wanting a nice place to stay, more tranquility, and one of the most scenic beaches right in front:

    La Ponderosa – South of Pavones along the road through La Piña is La Ponderosa, a very nice small hotel with a beautiful swimming pool.

    Rancho Canatella – Small resort located at La Piña, just a couple minutes walk from the start of the Pavones main wave.

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