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Made in Costa Rica – Costa Rica Surfboard Shapers


Made in Costa Rica – Costa Rica Surfboard Shapers

Are you looking to buy a surfboard made in Costa Rica? We’ve got many excellent shapers in the country, so here’s a list of where they are.

Two of the best-known local brands are “Carton” and “Hot Lava”, and below we’ll show you which shops carry them:


Banzaii Surfboards

4433_89237551581_7934335_nBanzaii Surfboards was created in 1992 by a Peruvian shaper, Javier Orna. With decades of experience and thousands of excellent board shaping, Orna decided to start his own company which ended up as one of the top most surfboard brands in the world. The company keeps up with the latest trends and takes each level of surfing into consideration. Currently, they are manufacturing the tables with Digital Surf Design (DSD) machine, a recently introduced technology, that fashions highest performing and durable surfboards. At Banzaii, there is a team of surfers from various countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Chile and France. They also support national championship events in Costa Rica. Along with surfboards, Banzaii has its own line of clothing and accessories for men and women. In Costa Rica, the office of Banzaii is situated in Jaco and Playa Hermosa area. Customers can also buy surfboard from some surf shops like Vista Guapa and Totem Surf Shop.

Carton Surfboards

Made in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Surfboard ShapersCarton Surfboards are manufactured in Jaco, a surf town in Costa Rica. In late 90s, a Costa Rican wave lover, Edward ‘Carton’ Villalobos, began to shape boards of high quality and performance and became a great example in the country. Today, the company’s most important aim is to help young and gifted surf generation in achieving their dream. The company has won over 40 national awards in junior, boys, grommets, mini grommets, women and even international competitions such as Panamerican Junior Games and even some international surfing juniors games. You can easily buy Carton boards from Jaco Surf Shop. In order to contact them, you can place a call at 506 2643 37 62 or send them an email on

Che Boards

Che Surfboards - Costa Rica surfboard makers in JacoChe Boards is a Costa Rican surfboard manufacturer that creates all types of surfboards. The company is located in Jaco. Some of the popular boards are short boards, high performance, long boards, fun boards, stand up paddling board, retro boards, big wave guns, tow boards and custom boards designed according to the needs and wishes of the clients. The company uses the latest board making technique called Keahana. If you have any queries, you can email them at or call on thi number 00506 – 8556 2910.

El Pana Surf Shop

Made in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Surfboard ShapersEl Pana Surf Shop is located in Jaco, Costa Rica. The shop is owned and run by a professional surfer since 2003. El Pana has everything a hardcore surfer wishes to have! High quality surfboards for sale and rent in amazing prices, surf accessories such as leash, wax, rash guards, wetsuits and ding repair kits, boogie boards, a good range of beach clothes and accessories like bikinis, sunglasses and so on. El Pana makes high performance surfboards for local surfers. To contact, call them on +506 2643 2125.

Fischer Bros

Made in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Surfboard ShapersFischer Bros is a surf camp, a surf shop and a renowned brand of surfboards located in Playa Hermosa, Jaco Costa Rica. The brand is created by three brothers named Nico, Tou and Facu Fischer. They used to live in Argentina but came to Costa Rica in 2000 to follow their dream. They started with a small bamboo workshop where they repaired surfboards with a few tools. Gradually, their hard work and determination paid off and Fischer Bros metamorphosed into a branded company recognized all over the world. Fischer Bros’ goal is to spread the knowledge of surfing, to maintain the quality and standard of their surfboards and to use only the excellent materials for their brand. Today, Fischer Bros are expanding their business globally to USA, Latin America and Europe. Their phone number is (506) 2643-2640  and email address is

Vindas Surfboards

Vindas Surfboards is based in a surf town of Jaco in Costa Rica. Providing surfboards of excellent quality and innovative designs in good prices, Vindas has earned itself a great reputation in the country.

Santa Teresa


Denga Surf Shop is located in the center of Santa Teresa. The shop has more than 40 surf boards of different styles and superior Made in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Surfboard Shapersbrands. Customers can either buy the board or rent it for their surf retreat. There is wide selection of surf accessories as well that includes repair kit, bikinis, wet suits, wax, ankle leashes, rash guard and so much more. Denga Surf Shop are well known for board shaping. You can have your board designed and shaped in fish, retro, performance, long, short and so many other fun shapes. Denga Surf also provides surf lessons conducted by professional instructors and trips to the nearby spots. You can contact them by calling their number +506 2640 0076 or emailing at Do check out their website and Facebook Page.



Matos Surf Shop was founded in 2001 in Costa Rica. Today they have three shops, two in Tamarindo and one in Playa Grande. Made in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Surfboard ShapersWith a catching slogan of “Whatever a surfer needs”, Matos provides a fine service to their customers. They have a wide selection of top notch brands, including Quicksilver. Whether you need to buy a new board, rent it for sometime or want it customized according to your style, Matos Surf Shop can handle anything. Furthermore, the staff of Matos provides surf picture sessions, surf video productions and surf classes to all levels of surfers. If you have any questions, email them at or place a call (506 8836 2899).

  1. Hello! If you have time to add another to the list, Colo Tico Surfboards is in Uvita, Costa Rica (Puntarenas).

    Esneyder Serna shapes for surfers in the Dominical/Hermosa Oso/Uvita area, Colo Tico specializes in custom surfboards (short and longboards) and ding repair.

    For more details, photos and contact information for pricing:
    +506 8740 2072


  2. And once more! Now shaping in the Nosara area: Bill (Shred) McGill of Storm Equip. Surfboards. Check it out! :

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