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Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is a small coastal town located in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. The town begins where Quepos ends and finishes at the gate of Manuel Antonio National Park and the beach, Playa Espadilla. Due to its rich natural beauty, dense wildlife, verdurous scenery and cluster of beaches, Manuel Antonio has become a very popular tourist destination.

Manuel Antonio National Park

On your tropical vacation to Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park, considered as one of the most beautiful places on the earth, is a must-see. The park was founded in 1972 and is now under the protection of Central Pacific Conservation Area. Nature lovers and sport enthusiasts will be delighted to find an array of clean, sun drenched beaches like Espadilla and Escondido, mountains, verdant jungles alive with animals and blooming flora and numerous sport opportunities. Providing a high tourism rate and helping with the agricultural development, Manuel Antonio is a gemstone for the country. Just south to the park, Quepos, the portal to the park, is located. It is a quite laid-back village that offers plenty of sport activities such as sportfishing, diving and surfing.

Surfing in Manuel Antonio

Although, Manuel Antonio is not a major surf point, like Dominical or Jaco, it does have some good uncrowded beach breaks. The town offers a handful of surf destinations for surf enthusiasts, particularly for beginners. The best time to surf in Manuel Antonio is from May to November. If you happen to be uninterested in surfing, you will still find plenty of fun things to do and the amazing nature reserve, Manuel Antonio National Park, is just adjacent to the town.

Surf Breaks

Surfing in Manuel Antonio is best suited to novices and intermediate surfers. The waves are gentle and fun to ride. Advanced surfers will not find the breaks challenging enough but on some days, when swells are large, even veterans can have fun.

Damas Rivermouth – Boca Damas

Te rivermouth of Boca Damas features powerful long, fast, sectioned and hollow waves. The waves are best when the incoming tide is Manuel Antonio 1low to mid. The point is often dangerous to surf due to strong currents and rip tides. The surf point can only be accessed by a boat ride.

Quepos Rivermouth – Boca Quepos

The rivermouth delivers long, hollow and string waves during a low tide. The place is not very popular among surfers as the water is dirty most of the times.


On the northern tip of Manuel Antonio, Playitas, a small beach break, is located. The bet time to surf is when the swell is medium to large during high tides. Watch out for the crocodiles! Just south to Playitas, a similar short beach break is found by the name of Caldera. The surf spots are considered ideal for long-boarders.

Mar Y Sombra

It features large, strong and tubular swells that break left and right. Best conditions are during a mid to high tide when a swell is large.

Playa El Rey

The beach closely resembles Playa Hermosa and delivers breaks left and right that close out with the presence of a big swell. The pretty sun kissed beach is a perfect place for a non-surfer as well.

Accommodations and Restaurants in Manuel Antonio

There are numerous accommodations in Manuel Antonio suitable for all sorts of budgets. Arenas del Mar Hotel offers luxurious beachfront villas surrounded by lush rain forests. Ideal for couples and families, the eco friendly hotel provides an ultimate retreat. For mid range family oriented hotels, check out Hotel Verde Mar and Hotel Makanda by the Sea. There are many cheap hostels and lodges for backpackers who are on a constant travel. Some of the recommended places are National Park Backpackers, Costa Linda and Backpackers Manuel Antonio. As for restaurants, you will find a huge range of them. From local seafood to American steaks, the restaurants have excellent menus.

Surfing in Manuel Antonio

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