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Matos Surf Shop


Matos Surf Shop

Matos Surf Shop

Matos Surf Shop was founded in 2001 in Costa Rica. Today they have three shops, two in Tamarindo and one in Playa Grande. With a catching slogan of “Whatever a surfer needs”, Matos offers a fine service to their customers. The staff of Matos provides surf equipment, picture sessions, surf video productions and surf classes to all levels of surfers. If you have any questions, email them at or place a call (506 8836 2899).

The Surf Shop

They have a wide selection of top notch brands, including Quicksilver. There is a fine array of T shirts and hats with amazing designs and arts. Matos offers scree printing, retro styled shirts and transfer prints. If you wish to take a unique shirt back home or buy a gift for someone, the shop has a lot to offer. Whether you need to buy a new board, rent it for sometime or want it customized according to your style, Matos Surf Shop can handle anything.

Surf Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or a surfer wishing to improve your skills, Matos will help you achieve your goal and take you to the Matos Surf Shop 1next level. The shop offers surf classes to surfers of all skills. The lessons are taken by professional surf instructors who have years of experience and have even competed in international surf contests. The classes are conducted privately and in groups as well. The groups are kept small, four students per instructor, so lessons can be more effective and personalized. Along with surfing, the instructors make sure that each of you learns about ocean safety and surf etiquette. Private lessons are either be one on one or with a group of friends or family members. The rates of private sessions are slightly higher.

Matos offers a superb four day course for those of you who are short on time or wish to take a fast route to become a good surfer. On day 1, you will learn the basics about surfing, getting up on the board, paddling and choosing the right wave. Day 2 will teach you about riding down the line, time adjustment and choosing a right direction. By day 3, you might know what board is suitable for you and lessons will be customized according to your needs. Day 4 will bring the final lesson in which you will be ready to surf on your own with confidence.

Surf Sessions for Kids

Matos Surf Shop has separate classes for younger kids who love the ocean and want to surf. Kids as young as 3 years old can learn to catch the waves. The school takes special care and ensures utmost safety of your child. The classes are planned according to age, the tide, size of the waves, weather conditions and a suitable spot for the child.

Contact Matos Surf Shop

Location:  Next to UPS, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506 8836 2899
TripAdvisor Page:

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