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Montezuma Surf Spots


Montezuma Area Surf Spots Guide

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Montezuma Surf Spots (Pick One)

Los Cedros Surf Break

Los Cedros
Playa Grande
Montezuma Bay
Montezuma Surfing Video
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There are three main, well-known surf spots in Montezuma, and then a few more just south in Cabuya. Of course, like any place in Costa Rica, there are many other secret spots here too, which break in just the right conditions, such as a fast pipeline-like beach break that forms from time to time, or other point breaks between Montezuma town and Playa Grande.

Montezuma itself is known as the cutest beach town in Costa Rica, with over a dozen great restaurants, tons of yoga, small inexpensive beachfront hotels, and spectacular rental villas up on the hill. For more information, visit:

Los Cedros

    Playa Los Cedros of MontezumaPlaya Los Cedros is said to be one of the most spectacular beaches in Costa Rica. It is situated on the southern side of Montezuma, about halfway to Cabuya, on the southern Nicoya Peninsula. Playa Los Cedros is a fantastic rocky beach with a lot to offer. Hang out, have picnics, go horseback riding, sportfishing or surf the beautiful waves, Playa Los Cedros is an ideal holiday destination. It features a left handed reefy rocky point break that works only during the high tides. Although the spot is full of rocks, the break is great for beginners. The waves break in a consistent fashion very smoothly. The rocks can be easily seen and hence avoided when you ride the waves. However, if you do wipe out and fall, it is better to cover your head. Because the Gulf of Nicoya does not get big waves, the waves at Playa Los Cedros are fairly short riding up to 50 meter. The waves also require a good swell from the south. It usually receives good swells from North, Northwest, East and Northeast directions. The size of swells starts working at 1 meter to 1.5 meters. Due to its short waves, the surf spot is usually ignored by experienced surfers, so beginners and intermediate surfers have the spot to themselves most of the time. Be it a weekday or a weekend, the break almost never gets crowded. When the tide is low, the break is all rocks and small sea creatures. During a high tide, Playa Los Cedros becomes one of the best breaks to surf.

    The beach is very close to Montezuma, approximately 4 to 5 minutes drive away. You can find the spot just past a bridge. You will see a small waterfall on the right side and a huge banyan tree on the left side of the beach.

    Playa Los Cedros offers various other activities to its visitors. It has several beautiful tide pools perfect for chilling and taking a swim. Visitors can also enjoy horseback riding, snorkeling, sailing and nature exploration.

    Playa Los Cedros

Playa Grande

    Playa Grande of MontezumaPlaya Grande is a sublime beach in Montezuma, in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. The beach is a superb holiday destination for tourists who are looking for a serene yet fun getaway. The beach has a great surf spot that works best during mid and high tides with swells coming from the south. It is about 30 minutes walk away from Montezuma to the north. The spot has ideally consistent waves suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

    Playa Grande is a huge beach which get even bigger during a the low tides. It is blessed with scenic vistas of silvery white sands, swaying tropical trees and sparkling shorelines. You can surf, swim, hike, leisure and have picnics with your loved ones. Some popular places such as Montezuma waterfalls, Ylang Ylang Resort, Piedra Colorada, Nicolás Wessberg Natural Reserve and Romelia Wildlife Refuge are located nearby the beach. From Playa Grande, you can access many other beaches of Montezuma.

    The beach is in a very remote area and people usually have difficulty locating it. If you are lucky, you may come across it by chance. Amazing for rejuvenation and hideaways, the tropical beach of Montezuma is one of the best beaches of Costa Rica

    Playa Grande of Montezuma

Montezuma Bay

Montezuma SurfingMontezuma Bay is a pretty spot from where sport fishermen, boat charters, sailors and water taxis take off. The waves are mostly short and gentle allowing easy launch. However, on rare occasions the waves can get pretty big and surfable. Only the most advanced surfers and daredevils ride the waves. The water is very polluted so a long bath is strongly advised afterwards.

Video of Surfing at Los Cedros

Los Cedros Surf Report

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