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Neptuno Surf Shop and Camp


Neptuno Surf Shop and Camp

Neptuno Surf Shop and Camp

Neptuno Surf Shop and Camp is located in Sunrise Mall in the town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It is a perfect place for surf enthusiasts. From top notch surf products, surf lessons and packages, rentals to prime customer service, Neptuno is proud to be your best surf consultant and guide. They provide a comprehensive range of surf equipment and take you on wonderful tours to the best places. There is no doubt that Neptuno caters to all your surfing needs. According to reviews, the clients are fully satisfied with their service and gear. Unlike many other shops, the staff of Neptuno take time in getting to know the customer so they could provide and guide them accordingly. If you are beginner, you will find Neptuno a huge help. Not only they will help you in selecting suitable equipment but will also encourage you to learn surfing. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to call or email them!

Surf Lessons

Neptuno Surf Shop and Camp offers an amazing chance for you to learn surfing in the best surf breaks of Costa Rica. Playa Neptuno Surf Shop and Camp 1Tamarindo boasts a set of perfectly consistent waves that are suitable for surfers of all levels and skills. What’s more, the weather is great throughout the year! The camp has separate classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. The camp has a team of highly skilled and professional surf instructors who will help you progress while ensuring fun and safety. Each surf lesson will bring a new set of challenges, different breaks and surfboards. Neptuno features three options for surf classes; group, private and semi private. Group lessons involve five students per instructor, semi private has a maximum of three students while private class is a one-on-one session. Whichever lesson you choose, Neptuno guarantees that you will be riding the waves by the end of the course.

The Surf Shop

Neptuno has a wide selection of surfboards, surf gear, body boards and other equipment. Surfboards of all sizes, types and colors are available for rent as well as for sale. Be it a high performance board, a funboard, long or short board or a soft-top board, customers will be pleased with the variety. Materials such as Tuflite, Epoxy, Fiberglass and Softboards can be found. Moreover, Neptuno features well known surf brands such as Al Merrik, Rusty, Mc Tavish, Walden, Pearson Arrow, Robert August, Hobby, Joel Tudor, NSP, Softop and Xtorsion.

Surf Packages

The surf packages provides a wonderful opportunity to experience much more than just surfing in good prices. The packages involve accommodations in a charming condo, daily, private 2 hour surf lessons, surf tour to a local beach, round trip airport transfer, unlimited use of extensive surfboard fleet, daily breakfast, any of the two activities from canopy tour, snorkeling, estuary river boat, horseback riding, yoga, massage and sailing sunset tour, photography session and many other amenities.

Contact Neptuno Surf Shop and Camp

Location: Sunrise Mall, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506 2653 2967
Email ID:
Facebook Page:
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