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North Guanacaste Surf Spots


Guide to the Breaks of Northern Guanacaste

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North Guanacaste Surf Spots

Surf spots found on the northern part of Guanacaste are:

Playa Brasilito

Playa Brasilito is a beach town located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica on the North Pacific Coast. It used to be a small fishing communityNorth Guanacaste Surf Spots
which has now become tourist friendly and affordable holiday destination. Playa Brasilito features very easy and fun beach break to surf. Be it beginners or experts, anyone can have an awesome time here. To the delight of many visitors, the beach is isolated most the times. Watch out for the sharks.

Flamingo Point

The crescent shaped beach of Flamingo is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Located on the Pacific coast in Guanacaste Province, Playa Flamingo boasts a sparkling white sand colored beach with pristine shores. Although it mainly pursues deep sea fishing, scuba diving and golfing, its point break called Flamingo Point attracts a good number of surfers. The break remains devoid of any crowd so surf enthusiasts can enjoy a surf session in peace.

Witch’s Rock (Roca Bruja)

All hardcore surfers must have heard about the mysterious Witch’s Rock commonly known as Roca Bruja among the locals. The popular surfing destination is located close by Playa Naranjo in Santa Rosa National Park in the Guanacaste province. Featuring world class waves, Witch’s Rock creates powerful, fast and hollow waves during mid and high tides that break in both directions. It is one of the few locations where surfers of all skills can pick up the waves. The waves are forgiving to the beginners yet powerful enough to give a good challenge to a seasoned surfer. Witch’s Rock is mostly devoid of any crowds offering surf enthusiasts a perfect opportunity to surf in peace.

Ollie’s Point

Ollie’s Point is a popular surf spot located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica near the Nicaraguan border in Santa Rosa National Park. The hollows waves of Ollie’s Point first become popular when the surf destination was shown in a famous surf movie, Endless Summer II. Ollie’s Point is a right-hand point break at a river mouth featuring fast and hollow waves that break over a rocky bottom on the beach.. The platform is said to be ideal for long boarders and surfing condition is great throughout the year. The waves are excellent and smooth with superb consistency all year round. It has a moderate difficulty level with a number of dangerous rocks hence it is recommended that only experienced surfers ride the waves.

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