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Pedro’s Surf Shop and Camp in Tamarindo


Pedro’s Surf Shop and Camp in Tamarindo

Pedro's Surf Shop and Camp in Tamarindo

Pedro’s Surf Shop and Camp is located in the beach town of Tamarindo quite close to the beach. The shop is owned and run by Pedro, a veteran surfer who wants to share his passion with others. He has over 15 years of experience and has won a number of contests. He was a member of national surf team for about 7 years and even won the national championship. Pedro and his team not only runs a successful surf store but also organizes surf lessons for those who wish to learn.

Surf Classes and Adventure Tours with Pedro’s

Pedro’s team consists of a number of professional surf instructors who will teach you skillfully and efficiently. They promise that each lesson will be fun, progressive and knowledgeable. For beginners, the first session begins on the teach in which they are taught all the basics and fundamentals of surfing followed by ocean safety and surf etiquette. After they have practiced on the beach, students are then allowed to surf in the ocean. Intermediates and advanced surfers can also benefit from the camp. The classes focus on polishing the skills, learning new maneuvers and Pedro's Surf Shop and Camp in Tamarindo 1surfing in a more challenging spots. Pedro’s organizes other adventure tours too. Scuba diving, snorkeling, canopy tours, ATV tours, zip lining, trips to parks, waterfalls and hot springs, sport fishing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, ocean kayaking, sunset sailing and wildlife watching are few of the most popular adventures tours in Costa Rica.

The Surf Shop

Pedro’s Surf Shop offers surf boards, bikes and snorkel gear for rent and sale in very reasonable prices. They also have a colorful range of clothes, bikinis, hats, plenty of accessories and jewelry. If you wish to wear something funky and original, get a custom made dress by Elaine. At Pedro’s you can get your surf board or other gear repaired, Pedro’s can fix it within a day. They also have a plenty of great surf accessories such as ding repair kits, wet suits, rash guards, fins, surf wax, ankle leash and so on.

Contact Pedro’s Surf Shop and Camp

Location: On Dengue Road, Between Fiesta Del Mar and Chillerz, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (506) 5003 – 1215
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
TripAdvisor Page

Surfing the Waves with Pedro’s Surf Shop and Camp

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