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Playa Ballena Surf Spot


Playa Ballena Surfing

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Surf Spot: Playa Ballena
Break Type: Beach break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: Southwest
Ride Direction: Left and right
Tides: Mid and high tides


Playa Ballena is a sublime beach located in Puntarenas Province on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Featuring a range sport Bahia Ballena Surfingactivities and luscious nature, the beach is one of the greatest tourist attractions. Playa Ballena is a superb surfing platform for beginners and intermediate surfers. It has a very consistent beach break. The beach breaks over a sandy bottom to both directions. The waves are gentle and forgiving riding up to the distance of 150 yards, about chest to head high. The waves are best ridden at mid to high tide with swells and wind coming from the southwest and east respectively. The beach break is mostly secluded with no potential dangers except stingrays and jellyfishes. Due to tropical storms, the months between June to September are the best.

Playa Ballena can be one of the greatest places to learn surfing on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The place is quite safe as it has natural land formations and a little bay that do not allow the beach to be completely exposed to the currents and swells.

Surf Camps

Popular surf camps that can organize surf trips to Playa Ballena are Bodhi Surf School,  Nomads Surfer’s Surf CampCosta Rica Surf Camp, Dominical Surf Adventures and Green Iguana Surf Camp. These camps and schools offer budget friendly and family oriented surf lessons, packages, accommodations, meals and even transport.

Ballena National Marine Park

Playa Ballena is a part of a very famous underwater park, Ballena National Marine Park, named after a humpback whale. It is found south of Dominical and has four main entrances: Playa Uvita, Playa Colonia, Playa Ballena and Playa Pinuela. Each beach entrance has a washroom and a picnic area. Camping is allowed in the park but campfires are not. From August to October and from December to April, numerous humpback whales migrate here. The park not only serves as a refuge for these whales but it also protects various other species. Olive Ridley and Hawksbill Sea Turtles use the park as their nesting sites in the months between May and November. Marine and terrestrial creatures like bottle nosed dolphins, green iguanas, sea-hare crabs, pale-billed woodpeckers, brown boobies, frigate birds, pelicans, white ibis, cormorants, great blue herons, terns, gulls and sandpipers are also popular visitors. Ballena National Marine Park is a heavenly place for nature lovers. It features sublime beaches, red and tea mangrove forests, swamps, rocky isles, colorful coral reef, shoals and estuaries. The beaches are well protected by a network of coral reef and rocky islands. The park has a nine miles long shoreline. The beaches remain totally isolated on most days. Tourists can enjoy swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, surfing, turtle tours and so much more.

Surf Forecast

Surf Adventures in Playa Ballena

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