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Playa Coyote in Nicoya Peninsula


Playa Coyote in Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Coyote in Nicoya Peninsula

Playa Coyote is a widely undiscovered strip of white sand beach located on the pacific side of the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. The secluded beach area is largely secluded sandwiched between Playa Manzanillo and Playa Samara. Playa Coyote is strictly protected by the locals who don’t want the perfectly good beach to turn into another Jaco or Tamarindo. There are formally no roads in the region and the beach can only be accessed by dirt tracks. The tracks are mostly blocked during the rainy season which is one of the main reasons of its isolation. Costa Rica’s most elite come here to spend the vacation in their lavish beach front summer houses.

The Splendid Beaches of Playa Coyote

Playa Coyote is a sandy horseshoe-shaped beach bordered by tall and swaying coconut trees. Tourists, especially nature lovers, will bePlaya Coyote in Nicoya Peninsula 1delighted to find flocks of brilliantly colored tropical birds and different kinds of monkeys playing along the beach. The beach region comprises of four main beaches. On the north, there is Playa Bejuco which is known for its airport and a luxurious hotel, Punta Islita Hotel and on the south; Playa San Miguel is present nearby the rivermouth. The river estuary is regarded as a great place for river kayaking. Farther towards the south, completely isolated beaches, Playa Caletas and Rio Bongo, can be found. Featuring fresh and clean beaches, Playa Coyote is slowly becoming a favorite destination for quiet, peaceful respites in Costa Rica.

Accommodation in Playa Coyote

Many local families and foreigners visit the sublime beach during their holidays. The beach town has a number of good oceanfront restaurants and various options for accommodations. Backpackers and adventurers can easily find a superb spot on the beach to camp while those seeking elegance and a plush bed to sleep can stay in one of the hotels such as in Casa Caletas, an exclusive boutique hotel situated on the spectacular coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Another amazing place for families and couples is Cristal Azul Ocean View Villas in Playa San Miguel nearby Playa Coyote.

Surfing in Playa Coyote

Surfing can be really great in Playa Coyote and San Miguel if the waves don’t close out. During the dry season, the tide is of mid range with powerful waves that break right and left and the swells can be as large as 6 feet on the northern side of the beach providing a superb platform for riding waves. The spot is hardly ever crowded and surfers can catch the waves in ultimate peace.

Other Things to do in Playa Coyote

The unspoiled beaches of Playa Coyote offer a number of fun and appealing activities. The water is warm and crystal clear throughout the year making aquatic sports a good possibility. Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving can be amazing in the clean, sunlit water of the beach and visitors will surely come across a plethora of sea creatures. It also provides a great opportunity for horseback riding, camping, canopy tours, bird watching turtle tours, sportfishing and biking.

An Adventurous Time at Playa Coyote

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