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Playa Dominical Surfing Guide


Playa Dominical Surfing Guide

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Surf Spot: Dominical
Break Type: Beach break
Difficulty Level: Experienced surfers
Best Swell Direction: Northwest, West, Southwest
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: Mid and high tide – rising and falling tides


Dominical surfingDominical is a beach town located in the province of Puntarenas, on the South Pacific region of Costa Rica just south to Quepos. The coastal town is widely recognized for its huge, powerful waves that lure surfers from all over the globe. Dominical used to be a remote fishing community which gradually became a very popular holiday destination. The main pursuit of Dominical is surfing but it is also famous for its sublime beaches, tropical jungles and a wide variety of sport opportunities. The surf condition of Dominical stays perfect throughout the year. The weather is mostly sunny and waves are consistent and strong. The beach rarely gets crowded because it features multiple breaks.

Dominical boasts a beach break with lefts and rights. The break has fast, hollow and powerful waves breaking over a sandy bottom. The waves are somewhat tall and their height hardly ever drops below waist high. They often reach the height of 10 feet. Near the Rio Baru rivermouth, the surf gets bigger. There is a number of well positioned sandbars that create fun some demanding lefts and rights along with strong barrels. The direction of swells is from the northwest, west and southwest and the direction of wind is usually southeast, east and northeast. The best time to surf is at mid to high tide. As the waves are very powerful with currents and rips, there have been few incidences of drowning. To ensure safety, lifeguards are always present on the beach. Even if you are a professional surfer, you must take precautions. Before paddling out to surf, simply observe the waves for some time. Often a set of huge waves is present between small ones and they have a very large impact. Dominical is only suitable for experienced surfers.

Dominical SurfingIf you are not ready for Dominical, Playa Dominicalito is a place to go. It is found is located just south to Dominical. The beach features perfect waves for beginner surfers. It is a protected surf break that breaks left and right over a sand bottom. The best time to surf is at a mid to low tide. Cambutal, or The Point, is another spot worth mentioning. It is a long, left hand reef break with swells as high as 15 feet. Sometimes the swells are small and perfect for novices to ride, however most of the time they are too big.

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Surf Camps in Dominical

Dominical has got plenty of surfing action and this is why there are plenty of surf camps and shops there. Some of the popular surf camps are:

There are a lot of surf camps beyond these in Domincial, and many go to the Dominicalito break, which can get crowded with beginners, so keep that in mind when picking a spot for your daily ride.

Surf Forecast

Dominical – A Surfer’s Sanctuary

For more information on Dominical, visit:

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