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Playa Garza Surf Spot Guide


Playa Garza Surf Spot Guide

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Surf Spot: Playa Garza, Nosara
Break Type: Reef break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: South, Southwest
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: Low and mid tides


Garza is a pretty beach town located nearby Nosara in Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The luxury beach community is home to Playa Garza surfingmany lavish resorts, five stars hotels and holiday charters. Its beach is renowned for sport fishing, sailing and surfing opportunities. Enjoy spectacular sunset vistas from the clean shores, indulge in delicious Costa Rican cuisines and spend your holiday in absolute leisure.

The beach, Playa Garza, is a very secluded place. It features outside and inside reef breaks that peel to both directions. The waves are inconsistent and unreliable but when the tide is high, the waves are known to get chest high and bigger. When swells from southwest and south are 2 feet overhead, the northern and southern ends of the shore offer best waves to ride especially at low to mid tide. Playa Garza is hardly ever crowded because of its irregular waves, but if you happen to be in the area, the beach is worth to stop by.

Surf Camps

Playa Garza is located close to Nosara which is quite popular among the surfers. You will find a large number of surf schools and camps. Various hotels and yoga retreats can arrange surf expeditions for guests on requests. The camps have awesome deals and packages, and some even offer accommodations and transport. Some of the renowned surf camps in the city are Nosara Tico Surf School, Nosara Surf Academy, Safari Surf School, Surf Diva School, and Surf Simply.

Other Activities and Accommodations

Besides surfers, other vacationers can have a serene getaway at Playa Garza. The small beach community is a fabulous hideaway with a lot to offer. Sip on a cocktail while witnessing an amazing sunset vista from the beach, have a leisurely picnic with your loved ones, take a romantic stroll on the moonlit beach or daydream while relaxing in a hammock. Playa Garza lets you indulge in tranquil pleasure. For a more animated time, go horseback riding on the beach, snorkel, dive surf the waves, catch some fishes and go sailing. Moreover, just off the beach, sports such as zip lining in the forest, river kayaking in the Rio Nosara and bird watching tours are also quite popular. For accommodations, Playa Garza Hotel is highly recommended. It is located right on the beach of Garza and offers it guests with lavish accommodations with great amenities such as wireless internet, air conditioner, fans, hot water supply, laundry service, private parking spot, hammocks and so much more. The hotel also has a spacious restaurant with a lively bar that serves a variety of scrumptious cuisines and drinks. Outdoor features include ocean panoramas, a vast swimming pool and an immaculate garden.

Surf Forecast

Surf Adventures in Playa Garza

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