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Playa Guiones Surfing


Playa Guiones Surfing

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Surf Spot: Playa Guiones
Break Type: Beach break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: Northwest, West, Southwest
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: All tides – Rising and falling tides


Playa Guiones is a splendid white sand beach in Nosara stretching over a span of 7 kilometers. Housing Nosara’s most popular hotels and restaurants, Playa Guiones is an ideal beach for tourists. The weather is superb, the shores clean and waves strong and smooth. Nosara has many amazing surf destinations but most surf enthusiasts who visit the town for surfing go straight for Playa Guiones. The surf spot is known to have one of the most consistent waves in Costa Rica. It features a beach break that peels to the right and left over a sandy bottom. The beach break has multiple peaks all along the shoreline. During the low tides, the waves are more steep and fast perfect for short boarders while during the mid to high tides, the waves are smooth so the long boarders will have a fine time. On good days, the waves ride to a long distance reaching up to 300 meters. The waves are gentle and smooth which makes them perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. The southern end of the beach is best for beginners. Seasoned surfers won’t be disappointed either. The surf spot is quite fun to ride and on good days when big swells are picked up, the waves can even provide a nice challenge. The beach break is sometimes called ‘the beginner’s spot’ which is not so accurate. Even though the bottom is sandy and waves small, extreme caution should be taken when the swells get too huge as they cause the waves to become powerful and strong with many rip currents and undertows. During such conditions the beach break gets potentially dangerous for novices.Playa Guiones Surfing

Commonly referred to as a ‘swell magnet’, Playa Guiones gathers swells from both northern and southern hemispheres. The size of swells starts working at 1.0 meters to 1.5 meters and holds up to 10 feet. The wind blows from the east. During the dry season (from November to April), offshore wind blows in the morning creating the best platform for surfing. The months of December and January bring offshore winds that blow throughout the day. During the rainy season, the waves get big size but less consistent and quite sloppy. Playa Guiones is hardly ever crowded so surfers can ride the waves in peace.

Surf Camps in Playa Guiones

Popular surf camps in Playa Guiones include Surfari Surf School, Nosara Tico Surf School, Burnt Toast Surf Camp, Del mar Surf Camp, Costa Rica Wave HousePura Vida Adventures and Surf Simply. The schools offer various packages, accommodation options, meals and transport.

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Surf Adventures in Playa Guiones

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