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Playa Hermosa (Jaco) Town


Playa Hermosa Sunset

The Town of Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is a large surfing town located 5 km south of Jaco in Puntarenas Province, in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. The black-sand beach is one of the most famous beaches of the country because of its perfectly shaped surfing waves that are consistent all over the year. It is standing right on Costanera Highway running south to Manuel Antonio and Quepos. From there, the 12 km beach is easily accessible by a taxi or a bus ride. In 2009, ISA Billabong World Games was held on the beach, which is the largest event ever to take place in the area. There is another beach of the same name in Guanacaste but it is not for surfing. Playa Hermosa features low crowds, smooth grayish black sand and a calm Pacific Ocean. A number of national parks are situated nearby the beach offering tourists a wonderful chance to experience Costa Rica’s amazing tropical nature and eco system. The heart of the village has a football pitch where footballers get together for a game. Visitors will be pleased to find a few oceanfront restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, grocery stores and an active nightlife. Moreover, Hermosa presents a wide range of surf camps and accommodations suitable for every sort of budget. Whether you are seeking a surfing adventure or a sunny time on the beach, Hermosa is a wonderful destination for a tropical respite.

Where to Surf in Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa offers the best and most consistent surf breaks in Costa Rica. Keep in mind that the surfer’s haven features waves whichPlaya Hermosa 1only an expert can ride safely. The strong tides make swimming and beginner’s surfing quite risky. Thus, people who are just on beginner’s level should ride the waves in Jaco which provides a great platform for both experienced and amateur surfers. The beach break in Hermosa has waves which are as high as 13 as feet. The challenging tides attract hundreds of surfers yearly. Due to its fame and excellent waves, International Quicksilver Surf Championships is held every year in August o the beach. To catch the most awesome waves in Hermosa, the best time will be the months from April to November when the tides are high, strong and ferocious. There are different types of sandbars resulting in a pounding and tubular beach break.

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Surf Camps and Schools in Playa Hermosa

A couple of the renowned surf camps in Playa Hermosa are:

Jim Hogan Surf Camp
Hermosa Surf Vacations

Accommodations in Playa Hermsoa

If you want to surf and mingle with the surfing crowd, then you should definitely stay in Playa Hermosa. The beach town is not a large place and during the holiday season, the town gets full really quick. It is recommended you make reservations before coming. There are plenty of beachfront hotels, hostels, camps, bed and breakfast services and lodges.

A Surf Adventure in Playa Hermosa

For more information on Playa Hermosa, visit:

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