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Playa Hermosa in Nicoya Peninsula


Playa Hermosa in Nicoya Peninsula

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Surf Spot: Playa Hermosa
Break Type: Beach break and a point break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: Mid tide


Playa Hermosa is a beautiful beach found just north of Santa Teresa. It was originally known as San Martin but due to its panoramic beauty, tourists began to refer to it as Playa Hermosa, The Beautiful Beach, and the perfect name stuck. The beach is widely undeveloped and remains a secluded and beautiful platform for various adventurous and leisure activities. Playa Hermosa in Nicoya Peninsula

It offers snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing, hiking and so many other fun things. Just like its neighboring beaches, Playa Hermosa boasts a great surf spot. It has a beach break that goes to both left and right from the center and to the north, a fantastic point break can be found. The best time to surf the beach break is at a mid tide while the point break can be surfed any time of the day. When the tide is high, the beach vanishes and the surf closes out.

There are several sandy coves and rocky tide pools that are usually deserted. At Playa Hermosa, have a romantic stroll, a lazy picnic or surf to your heart’s content.

Other Activities

Playa Hermosa might come across as a sleepy town but it has a lot to offer. Excursions, be it half day or full day, can be a bit expensive but worth the money. Sail into the dazzling sunset and enjoy the marvelous beauty of sparkling shores. You might catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales during the trip. Many tour companies and charters offer sailing trips. Go on to a hiking trip, bird watching tours, canopy and zip lining adventures and so much more. Aquatic sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing and kayaking are also awesome here. Be it surfing or any other activity you want to try, Playa Hermosa will not disappoint you.

Places to Stay

There are several accommodations in Playa Hermosa. The northern region of the beach features a number of luxury hotels while the southern end has lodging suitable for all sorts of budgets. You will find a number of  surf camps, hotels, rental villas and a few stores.  The center of the town is referred to as Playa Hermosa Valley. It has an international school where many kids from Hermosa and nearby towns go to. From the beach, you can access Manzanillo, Cobano and Playa Carmen readily.

Surf Adventures in Playa Hermosa

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