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Playa Marbella Surfing


Playa Marbella Surfing

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Surf Spot: Playa Marbella
Break Type: Reef rocky
Difficulty Level: Experienced surfers
Best Swell Direction: Northwest
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: Mid and high tides – Rising and falling tides


Playa Marbella is a pretty surfer’s beach sandwiched between Junquillal and Ostional. It boasts two spectacular spots for surfers: Playa Frijolar and Playa Coco. Playa Frijolar is a left hand point break featuring a superb set of waves. The break is ideal for beginners but veteran surfers can also have a fabulous time. Playa Frijola has hollow waves with barreled sections and sandy bottom. It also features shifting sandbars which must in right position for proper surfing The break is best ridden at a mid tide. Playa Coco is a beach break with huge, hollow A-frame barreling waves that breaks to left and right. Even though the break is optimum for all levels of surfers, the break is more suitable for experienced surfers especially when the swells are large. The waves are fairly consistent all around the year riding up to 150 meters. Tourists can easily find the beach which is about 12 kilometers south of Junquillal. The beach is hardly ever crowded so surfers can have a hassle free surf session. Watch out for the sharks. Ross Menking, a young surfer, was attacked by a 7 foot bull shark at Playa Marbella on January 2003. Fortunately he survived but needed more than 150 stitches on his right leg. Other dangers include rocks and undertows.Playa Marbella Surfing

Surf Camps in Playa Marbella

Surfers will find many great surf camps in Guanacaste province that organize surf expeditions to Playa Marabella. Some of the well known surf schools are Peace Retreat Costa Rica, Costa Rica Wave House, Hotel Cabinas Las Olas, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Surf Camp Mediterraneo and Ollie’s Point Surf Camp.

Accommodations in Playa Marbella

Surfers looking for a place to stay in Playa Marbella will find only a few options. The popular accommodations include Marbella Surf Inn, Coral Beach Aparthotel, Apartamentos Seorio de Aloha and Cada luna Bed & Breakfast Cabinas. Travelers can look around other towns in Guanacaste nearby Playa Marbella for more variety.

Surf Adventures in Playa Marbella

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