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Playa Negra Regional Surf Guide


Surf Spots Around Playa Negra, Guanacaste

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Playa Negra Regional Surf Guide

Playa Negra is a gray sand surfing beach located in Los Pargos, in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, just south to Tamarindo. The remarkable beach is a renowned tourist hot spot particularly among surfers. Moreover, visitors will find a string of surf camps and shops standing along the beach. Playa Negra is popular due to its consistent, clean waves and easy access. It is also close by other surf spots such as Playa Avellana and Tamarindo. Playa Negra instantly gained popularity when it was featured in a memorable surf movie called Endless Summer II.

Surf Breaks

Playa Negra

Playa Negra is a fabulous surf point for those who are seeking a thrilling challenge. For a hardcore surfer, the incredible surf break with Playa Negra Regional Surf Guideits consistent right hand barrels is really fun to ride. Although the beach is easily reached, the take off zone is a very small area accommodating only about a dozen of surfers. To this date, the black beach is regarded by many veteran surfers to be one of the best surf points in Costa Rica.

Playa Callejones

Playa Callejones is a lesser known break located south to Playa Negra. It is a beach break with fantastic rights and lefts that break over a sandy bottom. It is great option for novices who are not yet ready for the powerful waves of Playa Negra.


Playa Marbella is a pretty surfer’s beach sandwiched between Junquillal and Ostional. It boasts two spectacular spots for surfers: Playa Frijolar and Playa Coco. Playa Frijolar is a left hand point break featuring a superb set of waves ideal for beginners but veteran surfers can also have a fabulous time. Playa Coco is a beach break with huge, hollow A-frame barreling waves that breaks to left and right. Even though the break is optimum for all levels of surfers, the break is more suitable for experienced surfers especially when the swells are large.

Playa Lagarto

Playa Lagarto is a tranquil fishing village with superb marine creatures. The place is getting very popular among surfers. It is known to get amazing A frame waves that can create solid tubes when teamed up with offshore winds. Playa Lagarto is a widely remote area with no crowds. All sorts of surfers can ride the waves and have fun.

Playa Junquillal

Playa Junquillal is 4 km long strip of beach offering a wide range of sporty activities. Sportfishing, surfing, kayaking and many other fun activities are possible. As the waves are strong with frequent currents, swimming is not recommended. Playa Junquillal is a great beach for veteran surfers. Devoid of any crowds, seasoned surfers can have a lifetime of fun riding the powerful waves.


Featuring remarkable offshore waves, huge swells and a serene beach, Playa Avellanas is a sanctuary for surfers. There is a wide range of breaks on the beach. Even though most breaks are suitable for seasoned surfers, intermediate and beginners can also take a ride. Be it weekdays or weekends, the beach hardly ever gets crowded.

Little Hawaii

Across the rivermouth in Playa Avellanas, Little Hawaii is present. The spot is quite popular among the locals. It is a right handed rocky inlet that breaks over rocks. The best time to surf is at low to mid tide. Little Hawaii has challenging waves with shallow reefs and should only be ridden by experienced surfers.

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