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Playa Santa Teresa Surf Breaks


Playa Santa Teresa Surf Breaks

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Surf Spot: Playa Santa Teresa
Break Type: Beach break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: Northwest, West, Southwest
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: Low and mid tide – Rising and falling tides


Santa Teresa is located on the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula in Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica. It is a splendid surf destination especially in summer season. The beach is mostly uncrowded with incredible waves and swells. Playa Santa Teresa features an exposed beach break with superb waves that work throughout the year. The word class waves are regular, powerful and fast. They break to the right and left over a rocky sand bottom. The waves are fairly short reaching up to 150 meter on a good day. The offshore wind blows from the west and best swells gather from northwest, west and southwest. The swells hold up to 6 feet. There are more groundswells than windswells in Santa Teresa. The surf is best at low to mid tide. Watch out for strong rip currents.Surfing in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais1 (1)

There are three major breaks in Santa Teresa; La Lora Amarilla, Casa Cecilia and Suck Rock.

Suck Rock

Suck Rock is found just next to La Lora Amarilla. It is a popular right hand break with fast, large and steep waves often rising up to 20 feet. Before closing out, the waves can get double overhead. It is best surfer during a high tide when the swells are big. When the surf condition is at its best, waves up to 20 feet tall have been reported!

Casa Cecilia

Casa Cecilia is a popular and easy break that presents nice waves all year round. When the tide is low, the waves are perfect for beginners to practice, however during large swells, the break can be a challenge to ride. There are many rock formations on which the waves break generating left and right barrels. You can also sit leisurely on one these rocky ledges and enjoy the view.

La Lora Amarilla

La Lora Amarilla is regarded as one of the top five surf destinations in Costa Rica. It is named after a bar called La Lora Amarilla which is situated right besides. It features hollow, A-shaped waves which break in both directions at a low tide. When the currents are strong and the tide is high, the wave can create a large wall of water up to 150 meters! La Lora is free from rocks; features perfectly shaped consistent waves making itself a most favored surfing destination.

Surf Schools in Santa Teresa

There is a huge number of surf camps, shops and schools in Santa Teresa – most of them located right on the beach. One of the most famous surf schools is Blue Surf Sanctuary. Blue Surf Sanctuary offers surf lessons, fabulous accommodations and features great deals. Vajra Sol Surf and Yoga Retreat, Women’s Quest: Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat, Wave Trotter Surf Hostel, Lucero Surf Retreat, Kina Surf Shop, Pacifica Xtreme Surf Camp, Chica Surf Adventures​Anamaya Surf Camp and Yoga Resort,  Costa Rica Surf and SUPShaka Beach Retreat Resort and Surf Camp and Luz de Vida Beachfront Surf Resort are few of the many recognized camps in Santa Teresa.

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A Surf Expedition in Playa Santa Teresa

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