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Playa Tivives Surf Break


Playa Tivives Surf Break

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Surf Spot: Playa Tivives
Break Type: Point break / Rivermouth, beach break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: South
Ride Direction: Left and right
Tides: All tides – Rising and falling tides


Tivives is a port and bay located in the canton of Esparza on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in Puntarenas Province about 5 miles south of Caldera. The port town has a small grey sand beach that joins the river which then flows into the Pacific Ocean. The area is under the protection of government so it is largely undeveloped. Tivives makes a great tourist attraction. It has a vast mangrove swamp, a great sport fishing platform and a spectacular silver colored beach. The beach features a point break that breaks to the left and right in a gnarly fashion at a rivermouth over a sandy bottom.

Playa Tivives Surfing
The rivermouth is extremely consistent with frequent tubular or barreling waves running up to 300 meters on good days. The waves commonly ride up to 150 meters on average days. The best time to surf the break is during an upcoming mid to high tide with big swells from the south. The waves can be surfed by all levels of surfers. The break can be accessed by paddling across the river. The water is much polluted so you had better take a nice, long bath afterwards. Many crocodiles have been spotted in the area particularly during the rainy season so be cautious. Moreover, watch out for strong currents, rips and undertows. Playa Tivives is very crowded on weekends but you will find the break deserted on weekdays.

Accommodations in Playa Tivives

There are many accommodations near Playa Tivives in Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica. Some of the highly recommended places are Allegro’s Caribbean Village Fiesta Hotel, Hotel Villas El Parque, Allegro Resort Eco Hotel Villa Lapa, Barcelo Amapola Hote, Drake Bay Wilderness Resort, Fiesta Hotel Resort & Casino, Hotel Montaña Monteverde, Hotel Punta Leona , Monteverde Lodge and Marenco Biological Reserve. These include bed and breakfast inns, hotels, villas, resorts and vacation rentals suitable for all types of holidays.

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Surf Adventures in Playa Tivives

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