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North Pt Samara

Samara is a little beach town located a few kilometers south of Nicoya and west of the San Jose in Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The scenic town features a glorious beach which is regarded as one of the most beautiful and safest beaches of the country. The beach is a great platform for aquatic sports activities such as deep sea fishing, horseback riding, surfing, paragliding, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sportfishing. Vacationers can also have waterfall excursion and canopy tours. Samara is a low key, traditional town standing on a top of a hill. It offers a number of accommodations, including budget friendly ones, bars, supermarkets, gift stores, nightclubs and restaurants. Moreover, it also plays an important role in the country’s economics as it has a vast farming and fishing communities. Samara and its nearby towns are known for their calm ambiances and are a perfect vacation destination for those who are seeking a quiet respite with a good touch of sportiness.

For nature lovers, Samara is a treat. The town is blooming with a plethora of exquisite flora and fauna and an exotic coral reef can be seen just offshore. Various national parks are located nearby the beach and a spectacular island, Isla Chora, is located a short boat ride away. Surfers will be delighted to find a set of excellent and consistent waves all year round. People can easily reach Samara through a car or bus ride from San Jose. It usually takes about 4 hours. If you are coming from Nicoya, then it will only two hour long drive.

Where to Surf in Samara

Although, sportfishing is the main pursuit of Samara, surfing is also kind of big here. Surf points located in Playa Samara, Camaronal Samara 1and Carillo Beach are really popular among the surfers. You will find a large number of surf shops and camps along the beach. You can have surf lessons, surf board rentals and other gear right on the spot! Playa Samara presents small and gentle waves that break gradually with blocked swells. The beach break is best to ride when the high tide is coming offering a great swell from the south, especially for longboarders. If you are new to surfing and want to learn, then Samara is a good place to start. Camaronal is a pristine beach located nearby Samara has a decent beach break with clean waves to ride.

Surf Schools in Samara

Samara has a number of surf camps and schools. Most of them are located right on the beach. They offer surf lessons, surfboard and gear rental and even accommodations in reasonable prices. The recommended schools are:

Choco’s Samara Beach Surf School
Nosara Tico Surf School
Serenity Surf Camps

Accommodations in Samara

There are many accommodations in Samara. From cozy lodges to deluxe resorts, tourists will find everything according to their tats. Flying Crocodile Lodge is a great hotel for families and friends. It offers spacious guest rooms, a restaurant, and a large outdoor pool. Samara Palm Lodge is located in a peaceful area just a few steps away from the main village. Vacationers who wish to have a private time won’t be disappointed with the service. For backpackers, campers and students on a holiday, Bar Aloha Camping is a great tourist friendly place. They have accommodations in cabins, rooms and camps on the beach.

Surfing in Samara

For more information on Samara, visit:

Playa Samara Surf Guide on

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