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Scuba Diving in Costa Rica’s Warm Waters


Scuba Diving in Costa Rica’s Warm Waters

Scuba Diving Bikini GirlCosta Rica Scuba Diving is a popular recreation activity in the land of the “Rich Coast”. Costa Rica is known for its tropical jungles, picturesque beaches and rich biodiversity. The country is also known for their different dive sites. A wide range of marine life can be explored and experienced in each different dive site. Costa Rica has the Cocos Islands, The Bat and Catalina Islands and Bajo del Diablo, all offering to experience the wonders of the naval worlds.

The Cocos Islands is already well-known and is actually considered as one of the top ten best dive sites in the world. It is an unpopulated island off the coast of Costa Rica. It is located in the Pacific Ocean. Its National Park is acknowledged as a World Heritage Site back in 1997. Apart from that, the Cocos Islands were considered to be part of the new Seven Wonders of the World last 2009. It is home to moist tropic forests and reptiles such as the anole and the gecko.

What’s special about the Cocos Islands in the realm of scuba diving is the marine life it houses. The island is home to the different turtles, humpback whale, dolphins, and giant mantas. What’s even more interesting is the presence of the hammerhead sharks. Scuba Diving in the Cocos Island is almost equivalent to swimming with the sharks.

For the more experienced and professional scuba divers, the challenging underwater terrain of the Bat and Catalina Islands will suit you. It is located northwest from the coast of Nicoya Peninsula. Its terrain has more corals and underwater landscapes than any other local sites. The currents of the ocean is also strong which would entail more strength and focus while scuba diving. But the beauty and wonderment to be enjoyed in the islands’ deep waters will very much pay off for all the hard work and effort. Scuba diving in the months from December to May is ideal when in the Catalina Islands. For the Bat Islands, ideal is from March to November.

What’s Down There?

Huge schools of fish, eagle mantras, turtles and different coral formations are only some of the marine life you can observe while in the Bat and Catalina islands. The islands are less explored than the other diving sites in Costa Rica so there are many more amazing species and scenic views to discover.

Another top diving site in Costa Rica can be found in Bahia Drake (or Drake Bay). It is the little bay on the north of Osa Peninsula which houses the well-known Corcovado National Park. In Drake Bay, scuba diving in the site named Bajo del Diablo is considered to be a must-do activity upon visiting. Its large underwater valleys and various rock formations make the underwater landscapes breathtaking. Aside from these sights, it is the home of large schools of devil rays upon which the diving site is named after.

Numerous dive sites in Costa Rica are scattered in different areas. Punta Uva and Punta Cocles dive sites are on the Carribean Side. On the pacific side, great dive sites are available, such as:

Cano Island
Catalina Islands
Cocos Island – One of the best in the world
Playas del Coco
Tortuga Island

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