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SoCosta Surfari


SoCosta Surfari

SoCosta Surfari

SoCosta Surfari is a surf school and specialist based in southern region of Costa Rica. The camp is great for those who are on vacation to Costa Rica just to surf. Travel from beach to beach without any hassle and trouble. SoCosta Surfari offers surf classes, ocean safety classes, expeditions and arranges for your transportation and lodging. They welcome surfers of all ages and skills. Beginners can learn to catch the rides; intermediates can take it up to the next level while advanced surfers can get a guide to explore the numerous beach breaks on the southern area. Playa Hermosa, Jaco and Dominical are some of the very popular destinations for surfers and that is where the camp wants to take you. Families with kids, couples, backpackers and large groups of friends on a tropical holiday will find SoCosta Surfari Camp a delightful place. With SoCosta Surfari, have a surf adventure of a lifetime.

SoCosta Surfari Packages

Pavones Surfari

Pavones Surfari package screams of Pura Vida and is superb for couples and families. Take an unforgettable surfing trip to Pavones with your loved ones, a surfer’s heaven, and have a joyful time catching the waves. Besides surfing, guests are given an opportunity to experience other activities. Take a tranquil trip to private nature trails, have fun playing Foosball and Ping Pong, explore the town and live in a deluxe place. The waves at Pavones are smooth and very easy to ride, hence making it a good spot for beginners. The package also features several amenities.

Drive-Thru Surfari

Drive-Thru Surfari package is designed by SoCosta especially for advanced surfers who want to surf in numerous places as well as try SoCosta Surfari 1out some other activities. Catch excellent waves, trek to the waterfall, have ATV tours, explore jungles and enjoy surfing in a secluded beach. Your holiday will begin when someone from the camp will pick you up at the airport and take you to World Class Surf at Playa Hermosa in Jaco. The place provides very easy access to a number of popular point breaks, beach breaks and rivermouth surf breaks in a short time. Afterwards, the guide will take you to Dominical where you will take a quad ride, visit waterfall and enjoy spectacular views of the coasts. Next comes Golfo Dulce where there two choices; a mellow reef with right hand point and Pavones on the other side. Later, you will head back to Jaco and you can stop on the way to surf and check out the waterfalls.

Family Vacation

It is all-inclusive luxury package only for families. All families want to spend some quality time together and this package provides them a chance to. Stay in a private home situated atop a mountain with views of valleys and ocean. Take surf lessons, fish, zip line through jungles, snorkel, dive and so much more!

Contact SoCosta Surfari

Location: Dominical, Jaco and San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone Number: +(506) 8730-3416 and 8567-7611

Surfing with SoCosta Surfari

For more information on SoCosta Surfari, visit:

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