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SUP – Stand Up Paddle Playa Negra Waveriders


Playa Negra Waveriders

The relatively new water sport of Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is taking off all over the world. The reason for this explosive growth is the flexibility and variety that it offers to all levels of participants. Another attraction and benefit is the amazing full-body workout that it provides while enjoying the sport. Many people have experienced a transformation in their body shape, exposing and firming muscles especially around core stomach area. ( 6 pack abs! )

SUP - Stand Up PaddleboardingPeople have been very creative with different SUP activities. For instance: wave riding the wake of a tanker ship, riding behind a large paddle wheel boat, riding river rapids and gliding down a mountain on the snow. Racing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing SUP favorites. Not sure what will be added to this list in the near future, possibly riding down sand dunes or going of jumps similar to wake-boarding.

There has also been a huge evolution in board design and uses of different materials. The types of shapes for SUP surfing have become much smaller to where professionals are riding boards of 7 feet or less and 25 inches wide allowing them to cut up the waves. Then on the racing side the boards are up to 15 feet and in length and some have steering systems in them controlled by the racers foot. Most boards are made of epoxy to keep them lighter especially the larger boards. The material that is being used more now is Carbon Fiber as well as Kevlar thus keeping the weight down but maintaining the strength that is required.

Here in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, their team is called SUP Waveriders. They have many years of experience in ocean surf. Their prime focus and expertise is getting people out SUPing on the ocean so people can renew their appreciation of it. Some may call it “walking on water” when you have this spectacular view of the wildlife from above and can appreciate it’s magnificent beauty. Many believe that most things came from the ocean thus many people feel a natural connection when on or in the ocean.

Many of you may be catching your first waves on a SUP board or just want to improve your wave riding skills. They will get you out there “rippen up” those waves !

They are dedicated and passionate about SUP safety, fun and skill improvement, this is their specialty.

Let them help you explore some of the magic of the Costa Rican Pacific Coast !

Contact Info

For more information please visit their website or call Kevin:

Playa Negra SUP Waveriders
506 2652 9420
506 8702 7894
Canada & USA 705 302 4342
Playa Negra, Guanacaste

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