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Surf Adventure in Playa Matapalo


Surf Adventure in Playa Matapalo

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The coastal village of Cabo Matapalo is located at the outermost point of the Osa Peninsula, in the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Regarded as a heavenly sanctuary, Matapalo is a secluded place encompassed by tropical rain forests and a vast ocean. The area houses a cluster of glorious beaches, awesome surf spots and whole lot sublime greenery. It is located nearby the famous nature reserve, Corcovado National Park, facilitating visitors a chance to explore one of the most wonderful jungles of the country. Matapalo is home to various tropical birds, particularly macaws, and a large number of Howler monkeys. It is not uncommon to find a flock of colorful bird flying over your head and spotting a monkey or two playing around on the sand. The beach is a tourist oriented place with a quiet, laid back ambiance. There are various accommodations and restaurants right on the Playa Matapalo allowing easy access to the beach. Travelers will find plenty of things to do here such as surfing, horseback riding, swimming, scuba diving and so on. The weather of the area is very predictable and stays sunny and warm throughout the year. Have a picnic, catch the wave, take a stroll or watch the exotic sunset, Playa Matapalo is an amazing place for a vacation.

Where to Surf in Playa Matapalo

Playa Matapalo

Playa Matapalo features excellent waves for surfers of all levels. The best time for surfing is during the mid tide and west or southwest matapalo beach 1swell. The wave is powerful and steep that breaks right at mid tide. When the mid tide is coming, the waves provide a very fast and fun ride. The tide is facing the open ocean and easily picks up more swells.


Backwash features a large and slow reef break present in the center of Backwash Bay. The waves are quite steep and not as consistent as the breaks in Matapalo, but the sectioned waves are great for long boarding sessions. Surfing is best when the tide is mid to low with swells from the west or southwest.

Pan Dulce

Pan Dulce is a long break that breaks to the right and often requires a larger swell. Best time is during the mid tide with a large swell from the south. It is a great area for beginners.

Other Things to Do

Playa Matapalo has no bars or any active nightlife. The place is mainly aimed at surfers and nature lovers who love the mystical sounds of tiny insects, birds and monkeys. Besides surfing and wildlife watching, tourists can enjoy sportfishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, tree climbing, nature walks, dolphin watching and horseback riding. There are a few charters and companies which organize fabulous ventures for clients within a reasonable price. Many accommodations also provide transportation to make the trips easier.

Accommodations in Playa Matapalo

There are various accommodations in Playa Matapalo. From five star resorts to cozy cabinas, the place has something for everyone. Hotel Riu Guanacaste is a luxury resort situated right in front of the ocean. The hotel is great for families with kids, large groups of friends and couples on a romantic vacation. Las Nubes Energy Resort is a fabulous place with incredible views of the waterfalls and the beach. It is perfect for those who wish to have a private time. Dos Palmas is a double story vacation rental with two units and a large terrace. The house is great if you are traveling in a large group or planning to stay for a long time.

A Surf Adventure in Matapalo Beach

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