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Surf Diva School in Costa Rica


Surf Diva School in Costa Rica

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Surf Diva School has been the women’s leading surf school all over the world for more than 10 years. Originally, the school was opened in California in the year of 1996. Since then it has established many branches in several countries including Costa Rica. The camp has taught surfing to thousands of men, women and children and in 2004, it opened up an inclusive surf camp for women and families in Playa Nosara, in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. In the tropical country, the family orientated school has gained an excellent reputation in the last six years due to its exclusive features, professionalism and awesome instructors. The surf sessions are conducted by hardcore, expert surfers who also have a good experience as a lifeguard and a teacher. During your vacation in Costa Rica’ Surf Diva Surf School, indulge in the exotic culture, accomplish your surfing goals, and set out to explore the wonders of the tropical coastal town.

Surf Diva Surf School Activities


Surf Diva Surf School is a reputable surf camp having a superb team of highly qualified surf instructors who are all certified in First Aid and CPR. To be an instructor at Surf Diva, you will have to undergo an intense training program. The teachers understand the weather and surf conditions of the area and are often able to predict them accurately. The lessons are usually given in small groups of five people at most. There are numerous surf beaches in Guanacaste and the surf school is located in one of them. The shimmering white sand beach is conveniently situated nearby various facilities.

Surf Packages:


The standard package involves surfing on the local beach of Playa Nosara, accommodation in a newly renovated hotel featuring clean,Surf Diva Surf Schoolsophisticated rooms each equipped with a coffee maker, fridge, air conditioner, ceiling fan and a spacious porch. There are two swimming pools, a bar, and a gift shop.


Have your surf adventures along with drinking latte, indulging in spa treatment and massages and stay in a luxurious hotel.

Yoga and Massages

Surfing and yoga go hand in hand. Have a relaxing warm up routine before you go braving the waves. Stretch some muscles and prevent the soreness that often overtakes your body after surfing. The class takes place in the morning and evening in a sublime outdoor setting. Surf Diva also offers deep body massages that will revivify you!

Contact Surf Diva Surf School

Location: Playa Nosara, Nicoya Peninsula, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (858) 454 8273 and (858) 454-8505
Facebook Page:

Brave the Waves with Surf Diva Surf School

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