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Surf Shops in Santa Teresa


Kina Surf Shop in St Teresa Costa Rica

Surf Shops in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a well-known Costa Rican surf town, located on the Pacific side of the country, at the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula. There are many surf shops in the area, including board shapers. Below is a selection of some of the best:

360 Surf Shop

360 Surf Shop is standing on the white sand beach of Playa Santa Teresa. The shop was opened by Julia Mueller-Schwenn in 2006. She is a fully experienced surf instructor and manager who has taught surfing in various countries including Hawaii, Indonesia and Costa Rica. After a decade of experience, she decided to open her own school and shop in the tropical country. In 2011, Ryan, a young Floridian surfer, moved to Santa Teresa and joined the shop to spread his love of ocean and surfing. 360 Surf Shop works hard to provide their clients with excellent quality products in reasonable prices. The shop has everything you might require on your surf adventure both for rent and sale. Be it a bunch of colorful bikinis, a rash guard, sunblock or a variety of surf boards, leashes, pads, waxes, 360 Surf Shop’s inventory is full. Their phone number is +506-2640-0369.

360 Surf Shop
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Al Chile Surf Shop

Al Chile is located in front of Brunela Hostel at the north end of town of Santa Teresa. They offer a wide variety of surf board including long boards, short boards and body boards. Whether you are a brand new surfer or a seasoned one, the shop will help you find the perfect surfboard and other equipment. The shop has both new and used boards of amazing quality for sale. They mostly have products of Carton, Honeycutt and Aloha. If your dear old board needs to be repaired, do not worry. Al Chile will fix it in a short time. They also have a wide selection of surf accessories such as leashes, decks, wax, ding repair kits and clothing. The shop also offers personalized surfboard artwork by a Costa Rican artist William Borges. If you have any queries, contact them at 506 2640 0959 or email at

Al Chile Surf Shop Website


Denga is located in the center of Santa Teresa. The shop has more than 40 surf boards of different styles made by them in Santa Teresa, and is known as one of the area’s best shapers. Customers can either buy the board or rent it. There is wide selection of surf accessories as well that includes repair kit, bikinis, wet suits, wax, ankle leashes, rash guard and so much more. Denga Surf Shop are well known for board shaping. You can have your board designed and shaped in fish, retro, performance, long, short and so many other fun shapes. Denga Surf also provides surf lessons conducted by professional instructors and trips to the nearby spots. You can contact them by calling their number +506 2640 0076 or emailing at

Denga Surf Shop
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Kina Surf Shop is serving surf enthusiasts in the Santa Teresa and Malpais areas from their shop in Santa Teresa. The folks at Kina are lively and knowledgeable in that they are able to helps their guest and meet their needs. You will find the staff to be wonderful and will surely be satisfied with the customer service whether you are there to buy or rent. The shop is run by a group of people originating from New Zeland who own and manage this surf shop. Kina Surf shop is known for its amazing rash-guards, board rentals and top quality equipment. This includes, but is not limited to: surfboards, surf clothes, appealing bikinis, book guides, and other stuff on rent. Kina is a dealer/distributor of the highly quality Rusty brand surfboards. You can contact the shop by calling them on this number: 506 264 00627 or emailing them at For more information, check out:

Kina Website
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Nalu Surf Shop is located in Playa Carmen, a famous surfing beach in Santa Teresa. They claim to have a biggest range of used boards in the town. Along with selling and renting top notch surf boards, they also hold surf and stand up paddling classes on the beach. Some of the popular items in their surf shop include short boards, long boards, fish board, performance board, soft tops, boogie board and skim boards. Clients will also find a large variety of beach wear, sun glasses, hats, leashes, wax, surfboard bags, fins, ding repair kits and so on. For more information on Nalu Surf Shop, you can contact them at or by calling 506 2640-0391.

Nalu Website
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Surf Shops in the Santa Teresa / Malpais area of Costa Rica

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