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Surf Shops in Tamarindo


Surf Shops in Tamarindo

Surf Shops in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a popular beach town located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The coastal town attracts plenty of tourists during the holiday season. The main pursuits of Tamarindo include eco tourism, sport fishing and surfing. Below is the list of some popular surf shops found in Tamarindo.

Banana Surf Shop

There are two Banana Surf Shops in Tamarindo. They have an extensive range of top quality products one requires on a surfing trip. They have different types of surf boards, surf repair kit, leashes, wax, rash guards, wet suits and other accessories. Moreover, if you wish to wear some fabulous beach clothes in lovely colors and patterns, you will find a delightful collection of bikinis, shorts, tops and much more! Beginners and intermediate surfers who want to learn and seasoned surfers who want to polish their skills can go to Banana Surf Club, a popular surf school in Tamarindo. They offer various packages and tours in reasonable prices. Their phone numbers are (506) 2653.0130 and (506) 2653-2463 and email address is
Check out their website: Banana Website

Iguana Surf Shop

Iguana has been running the surf business in Tamarindo since 1998. Featuring a professional staff, superb customer service and best quality products, the shop has earned itself a great reputation in the town. Along with selling and renting surfboards and surf gear, the staff organizes expeditions to the popular surf points throughout the Tamarindo Bay. They usually arrange over 30 tours a day. Iguana has a wide selection of sports equipment including more than 125 surfboards, boogie boards, kayaking gear and bikes for rent. Moreover, if you are in need of some colorful beach clothes, sunblockz, glasses, umbrellas and slippers, you will not be disappointed. The shop is open all week long from 8 AM to 6 PM. You can call them on this phone number 2653 0613 and email them at

For more information, visit:

Iguana Website
Iguana TripAdvisor

Kelly’s Surf Shop

Kelly’s is a premium surf shop and school catering to all levels of surfers. Be it a newbie or a veteran, Kelly’s will provide you with amazing offers and best quality products. The surf shop has a large variety of surfboards and other necessary equipment needed for a surf trip. Clients can either buy or rent the gear. Surfboards of all kinds are available. New and old, short and long, fun and performance boards, you name it. Besides operating a perfect shop, the owners also run a successful surf camp.The classes are conducted by a set of experienced instructors who ensure student’s safety and guarantee a knowledgeable session. Kelly’s offer various packages with high end features. You can either book a spot through their website or directly come to the shop. Call them at 506-2653-1355.

Kelly’s Website
Kelly’s TripAdvisor Page

Matos Surf Shop

Matos was founded in 2001 in Costa Rica. Today they have three shops, two in Tamarindo and one in Playa Grande. With a catching slogan of “Whatever a surfer needs”, Matos provides a fine service to their customers. They have a wide selection of top notch brands, including Quicksilver. Whether you need to buy a new board, rent it for sometime or want it customized according to your style, Matos Surf Shop can handle anything. Furthermore, the staff of Matos provides surf picture sessions, surf video productions and surf classes to all levels of surfers. If you have any questions, email them at or place a call (506 8836 2899).

Matos Surf Shop Website

Neptuno Surf Shop

Neptuno is a perfect place for surf enthusiasts. From top notch surf products, surf lessons and packages, rentals to prime customer service, Neptuno is proud to be your best surf consultant and guide. They provide a comprehensive range of surf equipment and take you on wonderful tours to the best places. There is no doubt that Neptuno caters to all your surfing needs. According to reviews, the clients are fully satisfied with their service and gear. Unlike many other shops, the staff of Neptuno take time in getting to know the customer so they could provide and guide them accordingly. If you are beginner, you will find Neptuno a huge help. Not only they will help you in selecting suitable equipment but will also encourage you to learn surfing. Don’t hesitate to call or email them! Their number is 506 2653 2967 and email ID is

Neptuno Website

Pedros Surf Shop

Pedros is in Tamarindo quite close to the beach. It offers rentals of surf boards, bikes and snorkel gear in very reasonable prices. They also have a colorful range of clothes, bikinis, hats, plenty of accessories and jewelry. If you have to get your surf board or other gear repaired, Pedros can fix it within a day.

Pedros Website
Pedros Facebook Page

  1. Why isn’t Costa Rica Surf Club on this list? i was walking around and at CRSC had the best rentals and accesories, you should add them on your list.

  2. anna osborn says:

    Hoping to find Mohs brand shirts in Tamarindo. Bought them there years ago. Any suggestions? Will be there in March.

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