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Surf Shops in the Caribbean Region of Costa Rica


Surf Shops in the Caribbean Region of Costa Rica

Surf Shops in the Caribbean Region of Costa Rica

Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is brimming with brilliant colors, quaint Bohemian culture and a vibrant aura. In the recent years, the towns, villages and beaches have gained tremendous popularity. People from all over the globe travel to the Caribbean coast to experience whimsical, hip culture and serene tropical nature. The capital of the Caribbean coast is Limon. It features six counties which include Pococí, Guácimo, Siquirres, Matina, Puerto Limón, and Talamanca. This side of Costa Rica is a haven for adventurers and sports lovers, particularly for surf enthusiasts, sport fishermen, snorkelers, divers and nature lovers. Although, you will find no hidden treasure chests in the Caribbean but its amazing surf spots are no less than any gem. Salsa Brava, Playa Negra, Westfalia, Cocaine Point, Barco Quebrado, Punta Uva and Playa Bonita are few of the most famous and happening points in the world. Surfers come to ride the delightful waves throughout the world. There are many surf camps, schools and shops in the Caribbean. Some of the surf shops in the Caribbean region of Costa Rica are described below.

Caribbean Surf

Caribbean Surf Shop is located in Puerto Viejo in the charming little purple house between Tex Mex and La Casa del Pan. Besides running a successful surf store, they also have a surf camp. The shop has a huge inventory loaded with excellent surf equipment. Clients can either rent a boar for few days or buy it in a reasonable rate. Both new and old boards are found. If you are a beginner and are having trouble selecting a right board, the staff will readily help you. Shop at Caribbean Surf Shop, get a board and gear according to your needs and have a surf trip of your dreams. For more information, visit their website.

Caribbean Surf Website

Swells in Puerto Viejo

Swells Surf Shop is situated in Puerto Viejo, just a short walk away the beach. Offering a wide range of surfboard rentals, boards on sales and other accessories in good prices, Swells have earned a good reputation among both local and foreign surfers. Surf gear such as ankle leash, wax, ding repair kits, wet suits, shorts, rash guards and other things are available as well. They also feature a nice variety of casual clothes, pretty bikinis, plenty of hats, jewelry, sunglasses and footwear. For further details, email them at

Swells Surf Shop in Puerto Viejo

Surfers can find few more surf shops on the Caribbean Coast. There is a surf store in an isolated beach area of Puerto Viejo, by the name of Salsa Brava Surf Shop, located about 15 minutes away from a reef break. Cutback Surf Shop is in Puerto Viejo as well. To know more, call Cutback Surf at 2843-5893.  On Playa Cocles, there is a lone store called Totem Surf Shop that sells a variety of surfing equipment and board. To contact Totem, call at 2750-0758 or email at

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