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The Endless Summer Surf Camp


The Endless Summer Surf Camp

The Endless Summer Surf Camp

The Endless Summer Surf Camp is a surf institute located in Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Its main branch is based in San Onfore, California. The camp is named after a famous surf movie, The Endless Summer. Its sequel was filmed in Costa Rica in 1994.The movie was quite successful among the surfers and is regarded one of the main reasons behind Costa Rica’s high rates of tourism. The Endless Summer Surf Camp hosts surf courses to all sorts of people. From people who have never been in the ocean before to highly advanced wave catchers, the camp has got a lot to teach to everyone. With the help of instructors, learn the basics, further improve your moves and reach the next level of your goals. It is a guarantee of The Endless Summer Surf Camp that all beginners, even clumsy ones, will be picking up waves and riding them like a pro by the end of their course.

The surf program of The Endless Summer Surf Camp includes surf lessons on the beach and ocean, a photography session, video analysis, ocean safety protocols, meals, surfing equipment, accommodations, transportation and of course, plenty of fun.

The Endless Summer Surf Camp Program

The Endless Summer Surf Camp offers a surfing retreat of 5 to 7 days in which several inclusive amenities are included.The Endless Summer Surf Camp 1


The surf school features a charming camp site overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are showers, bathrooms, telephones, rangers, lifeguards and other necessities. The campsite consists of fully carpeted camps, game area, ping pong table, a fire ring, and a lounge for hanging out, entertainment and watching movies. There are separate camps for girls and boys.


The camp is proud to present a full time chef who cooks ravishing and healthy meals. The guests are provided with three meals a day in addition to snacks and beverages. In the morning, begin your day with a scrumptious breakfast followed by a variety of sandwiches, summer fruits and other snacks served in afternoon. For dinner, there are usually themes such as Italian pasta night, Taco Tuesday with Mexican burritos and tacos and popular Hawaiian BBQ night with teriyaki chicken, rice, and veggies. The chef has alternative dishes for vegetarians too.


The Endless Summer Surf Camp provides high quality surf boards, wet suits and other gear to all the students.

Surf Instructions

The lessons are held on the beach in groups of 3 students per instructor. The instructors cover the basics of surfing, paddling the board, catching waves, standing up on the board, wave selection, turning techniques, surf etiquette and ocean safety. Apart from surfing, you can enjoy various other aquatic activities.

Contact The Endless Summer Surf Camp

Location: Mal Pais, Costa Rica and San Onfore, California, Usa
Phone Number: 1 949 498 7862
Facebook Page:

Riding the Waves with The Endless Summer Surf Camp

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