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Tortuguero, also famous as the Land of Turtles, is a serene coastal village on the northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the province of Limon. The beach town is located over a sand bar island that is bordering the Caribbean Sea and is separated from the coastline by the River Tortuguero. The river is renowned for its numerous waterways and travelable canals. The jungle with many navigable canals running through it is often nicknamed as Central America’ Amazon. Tortuguero National Park, a turtle sanctuary is blooming with splendid scenery, superb tropical plants, lagoons, glorious beaches, and an intense wildlife. Nature and sport enthusiasts and wildlife lovers will definitely enjoy the heavenly beauty of the town.

Surfing in Tortuguero

There are no ideal surf spots but Tortuguero has an exposed beach break which features quite consistent waves that break both left andTortuguero 1right. The wind direction is best from the southwest while the best waves are directed from the northeast. In Tortuguero, wind-swells are much more common as compared to than ground-swells and the ideal wave direction is from the northeast. Due to high tourism, the beach is often crowded. Watch out for the jelly fishes! To assess other surf destinations like Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo, a boat can be taken.


Tortuguero can be easily accessed by a boat or an air plane. There are daily flights available from Nature Air and Sansa Airlines. The planes can seat up to 20 passengers at time and the flight to Tortuguero usually lasts up to 25 minutes. The prices for the plane can vary from $70 to $120 per person. Boats can be taken from La Pavona port to the north and Moin to the south. It is recommended that you organize everything in advance so that you can have a hassle free holiday. You can also request your hotels or a tour company to arrange transportation. Upon your arrival in Tortuguera, you might still need a boat or a water taxi because most of the accommodations are situated outside the town.

Accommodations and Restaurants

There is a wide variety of options for accommodations in and around Tortuguero. Most of the lodges are located outside the village offer and features exclusive packages with transportation, guided tours and meals. In Tortuguero, most of the hotels are budget oriented with a variety of facilities. The accommodations located outside the town are variegated. Vacationers can choose to stay from cheap hostels to luxurious resorts. The hotels usually provide transportation so people don’t have to worry about the travel expenses. There are many restaurants in the village with different kind of meals such as Tico, American, and Italian and so on.


Tortuguero has a sunny and humid weather conditions. The coastal village is well known for its verdurous greenery and wildlife. The forests don’t have a consistent pattern and feature swamps, lowlands, wet forests, multilayered evergreen forests, canopy trees, scrubs and volcanic hills. Wildlife is just as diverse. Nature enthusiasts will have a fine time observing brightly colored birds like toucans, macaws, hawks, egrets, herons, kingfishers and of parrots. There are numerous animals such as sloth, crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas, frogs and otters ad of course, leatherback sea turtles.

Tortuguero National Park – A Video

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