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Totem Surf School and Tours


Totem Surf School and Tours

Totem Surf School and Tours

Totem Surf School and Tours is located in Puerto Viejo, Limon, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The surf school arranges surf expeditions, paddle boarding and various other water activities to the best spots on the Caribbean region. The school has a large equipment center which is stocked with numerous high quality surfboards of RPD, Banzaii and Premiere. The vacationers can rent the surf boards whenever they like. When there are no waves to surf, Totem Surf School organizes super fun trips in and around Puerto Viejo. The coastal town is a part of Limon Province and like its neighboring counties, it is spectacularly beautiful. The surf camp utilizes the opportunity to arrange adventurous trips to the various tropical wonders of the region. With help of expert surfers, learn to love and ride the waves at Totem Surf School and Tours.

The Surf Lessons

The lessons begin with theoretical stuff such as surf equipment and its maintenance, history, popular surf terms, various positions on Totem Surf School and Tours 1the surf board, crowd management, and water safety and so on. Afterwards, students are taught to stand and position themselves correctly on the board, how to paddle efficiently, standing on the board, maneuvering and turning the surf board and mastering the right movements. Once students have got a hang of it, they will be allowed to enter the ocean with the surf board where they will gradually learn how to catch and ride the wave. For novices, long boards are allotted while somewhat experienced surfers can have whatever they are comfortable with. The surf sessions are normally two hours long. The camp has mounted high definition GoPro on the nose of the board to film the students uniquely while they are surfing. At the end of your holiday with Totem Surf School and Tours, you will be given a CD with your fun surf pictures in it!

Surf Packages

Totem Surf School and Tours has various superb packages for your tropical holiday.

The Beginner Surf Package

It is a five day package that includes five guided surf sessions (2 hours long), transportation, free access to surfboards, and high definition pictures on a CD

Family Packages

The camp offers a fabulous chance for you to have a thrilling time with your family in the Caribbean. Spend five amazing days surfing the waves, touring animal rescue center, visiting Chocolate House and trekking the cascading waterfall. The package features five surf classes, free access to surf boards, pictures, and transportation. There are many other packages that offer Spanish classes, Yoga retreat, deep body massages as well.

Contact Totem Surf School and Tours

Location: Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 0050627500758
Facebook Page:

Paddle Boarding with Totem Surf School and Tours

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