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Witch’s Rock Surf Camp


Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

 Witch’s Rock Surf Camp


Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is a superb surfing community located on Playa Tamarindo, a beautiful beach with amazing waves! Tourist friendly, family orientated and professional to the core, the camp will teach you to surf in no time with a perfect style and class. It pursues surfers of all skills. It does not matter if a person is an expert on waves or only a beginner; with Witch’s Rock Surf Camp they will learn something new and useful every second! 

Why Surf with Witch’s Rock Surf Camp?

Learn to Surf in Awesome Places

At Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, surf lessons and instructions will be given by a set of highly advanced surfers who are qualified to teach as well. The camp arranges guided beginner’s surf trips to surf breaks right on Playa Tamarindo. The beach breaks have waves which are more forgiving to novices. For advanced surfers, trips can be made to the rivermouth and reef breaks on Tamarindo. The camp also organizes tours to other excellent beaches including Ollie’s Point, a famous surf break, Playa Grande, Marbella, Playa Avellanas, and of course to Witch’s Rock.

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The guests have the opportunity to attend surfing seminars, presentations and workshops which delineate various topics on surfing such as its history, different styles, wave forecasting and equipment. You will hardly find this rare feature in any other surf school. Guests are also shown some videos in order to prepare them for what’s coming.

Amazing Experience and Teaching Skills

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp has been in the field for over 12 years and has taken more than 73,000 surf classes! Such a long experience combined with excellent teaching skills make the camp one of the best places to learn surfing. The instructors can fluently speak English along with Spanish so foreigners won’t have a problem in communication. The lessons include only 3 students at a time to make sure guests have full attention of their demonstrator and are able to learn quickly and develop good skills.

Surfing for All Levels and Skills

Be it a beginner or a professional, anyone can learn some awesome tricks. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is situated on Tamarindo Beach Witch’s Rock Surf Camp 1which features many surf points for all sorts of surfers. Ride on high tides, low tides, rock reef breaks or sandy beach breaks; the camp is a perfect point for a surfing expedition. Even if you are not into surfing and are tagging along with your surfer buddy, you can still have a fine time frolicking in the warm, tropical water and picnicking on the splendid beach.

A Great Surf Shop

The camp boasts a fantastic surf shop that will get you ready for your surf trip! You can rent a surfboard, buy surfing attire like wetsuits, bikinis, shorts, shirts, hats and other necessary things including a leash, wax, rash guard and sunscreen.

Accommodations and Restaurants

The surf camp provides 10 spectacular beach front hotel rooms affording unobstructed views of the ocean! Some of the rooms also have a view to the gardens. There are suites, penthouses, rooms with balconies, infinity edge pools and patios. Furthermore, there are two restaurants featuring delicious menus!

Contact Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Location: Playa Tamarindo, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Phone Number: Call + 506 2653 1238 and + 506 2653 1262
Facebook Page:

A Day Full of Surfing with Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

For more information on Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, visit:

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