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Witch’s Rock


Witch’s Rock

Witch's Rock

You have definitely heard about Witch’s Rock if you are a surf enthusiast or have seen the famous surf movie, Endless Summer. Witch’s Rock is a surfing destination located in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Known for its excellent waves, exotic beaches and verdurous rain forests, Guanacaste offers yet another great spot for surfing, Witch’s Rock. It is a small, mysterious place which is as interesting as its name. The mystical name, Witch’s Rock (commonly known as Roca Bruja among the locals), is derived from a legend of a witch living in the island. The rock is located nearby the Playa Naranjo beach in Santa Rosa National Park. Witch’s Rock is one of Costa Rica’s most famous surf spots.

Get Into Witch’s Rock

Assessing Witch’s Rock is not a easy task. You can reach by flying into the city of Liberia; south to the Santa Rosa National Park or you can drive by either renting a car or riding a bus. Later, you can sail out on a boat from Santa Rosa National Park. There are many tour companies and surf camps that offer guided surf trips to the place.


There are no accommodations at Witch’s Rock. Guests usually stay in the neighboring places such as Tamarindo, Playa Grande or Playa del Coco in Guanacaste. You will also need to buy yourself a load of food and water supply as well before heading towards the beach as there are no markets or shops out there.

Where to Surf at Witch’s RockWitch's Rock 1

The waves at Witch’s Rock have a unique shape which they have taken from a sandbar created by the river mouth feeding into the water. The point has clean, glassy waves with offshore winds during the months from December to April. The waves are large stretching about 3 miles onto the beach. The sandbar is probably the best place to surf. The hollow waves that break to the lefts and rights have a perfect shape and suitable for all sorts of surfers as well. Watch out for the crocodiles and sharks.

Surf Camps in Witch’s Rock

There are no surf camps or schools located directly on the rock but there are various tour companies and surf camps that organize guided surf trips to the Witch’s Rock. One of the great surf school is Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. It is a superb surfing community located on Playa Tamarindo, a beautiful beach with amazing waves! Tourist friendly, family orientated and professional to the core, the camp will teach you to surf in no time with a perfect style and class. It pursues surfers of all skills. It does not matter if a person is an expert on waves or only a beginner; with Witch’s Rock Surf Camp they will learn something new and useful every second! Other camps like Ollie’s Point Surf Camp and Tamarindo Surf School also arranges trip to Witch’s Rock.


A Surf Adventure at Witch’s Rock

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