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Women’s Quest: Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat


Women’s Quest: Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat

Women's Quest Surf and Yoga Retreat

Women’s Quest is an all inclusive surf and yoga retreat founded by Colleen Can, a world triathlete, more than 16 years ago. The retreat is built exclusively for some and its aim is to provide its guests with an enriching and rejuvenating adventures to revivify your mind and body. The camp uses innovative and unique methods to influence the vacationers into experiencing thrilling ventures and gives off a warm, cordial ambiance. Women’s Quest Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat is a perfect getaway for women of all ages, backgrounds and athletic skills. The camp allows you to challenge and helps discover yourselves. During your stay with Women’s Quest, you will eat a balanced diet, indulge in yoga and mediation, and participate in numerous activities like hiking, horseback riding, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and mountain biking and so on. There is also a spa where guests can try out luxurious massages and facials. Gather your best friends, grab your luggage and fly off to Women’s Quest for an adventure of a lifetime.

Women’s Quest in Santa Teresa

Women’s Quest has various branches located all over the world. For a cycling and yoga adventures, Sonama and Tuscany branches are Women's Quest Surf and Yoga Retreat 1popular, hiking is great in Peru and surfing is most awesome in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, Women’s Quest is located in Playa Santa Teresa, a pretty little beach town on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. Santa Teresa is renowned for its stunning white sand beaches, surf breaks, tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, all year round lovely weather and a tourist friendly atmosphere. The town is a superb base for various aquatic and terrestrial activities and features great accommodations and restaurants. Join Women’s Quest for a tranquil tropical retreat in Costa Rica.

Surfing with Women’s Quest

The camp carries out surf lessons on Playa Hermosa and Playa Santa Teresa. Playa Hermosa is sublime beach with consistent and gentle waves. The beach is a good place to learn the basics of surfing. The camp keeps a student to instructor ratio low (2 to 1) in order to ensure personalized training. Once in a week, students have a private session with the instructors. Anyone can take part in the classes depending upon the student’s surfing skills. Besides surfing, the camp also conducts lessons on paddling. The instructors at Women’s Quest have plenty of experience in teaching, have great tolerance and patience, knowledge about the local area and have certification in CPR, first aid, water safety, and ISA certification. The camp features some great pre designed and customizable packages which includes accommodations and yoga.

Contact Women’s Quest: Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat

Location: Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 303 545 9295
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