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Yoga in Costa Rica


Yoga in Costa Rica

Yoga on the beach in Mal Pais

A new trend into vacationing nowadays is the consideration of the travelers’ health and well-being. More and more people are getting health-conscious and alternating their lifestyle such as daily work habits and daily diet. Extending these positive changes in lifestyle, more people have also changed the way of their vacationing.

Health-conscious people have slowly started changing their vacations from shopping sprees and lounging around the beach to a healthier option such as spas and fitness retreats. Tourism-driven countries such as Costa Rica have noticed this trend and offer this new alternative to its visitors. Vacations at Costa Rica are known for giving their tourist their much-needed relaxation and rest. Aside from the water sports and beautiful beaches, Costa Rica provides sanctuary and peace through the form of Wellness centers.

One of the nature retreats popular in Costa Rica is called Anamaya Resort. These retreats offer tourist the option to learn and perfect the art of Yoga and not simply just to indulge in the culture and beauty of the country. A Yoga retreat is a program designed to teach yoga and imbibe its principles to the participant. The programs also teach the participant to immerse himself to nature and re-learning to appreciate its beauty. Each program is conducted by a professional yoga teacher.

Yoga refers to the physical, mental and spiritual healing disciplines. It has aimed to improve health through the strengthening of the man’s physical and mental attributes. Various benefits have been recognized including improvement of posture, increasing of immunity and decrease of anxiety and depression. For some, it is also practiced for spiritual healing and personal journeys or self-discovery. Spiritual healing can be achieved since Yoga is related to Hinduism and Buddhism. Yoga is also considered as a meditation practice which is a key to one’s personal journey and self-discovery. Hatha, Karma, Dream and Iyengar Yoga are some of the different types of Yoga.

Each Wellness center is located in the beautiful and secluded terrains of Costa Rica. It is perfect since Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity helps in connecting each participant to nature. Also, the stress and pollution of the city life is left behind so the participant can fully enjoy nature’s comforts.

Centers and Styles

Different yoga styles are taught by the numerous Wellness centres in Costa Rica. The Hatha yoga (which is gentle) is available in AmaTierra Retreat which is located in San Pablo de Turrubares, Costa Rica. It is a quiet and serene centre nestled in the mountains. Vinyasa Flow is offered in the Wellness centre named Shodhana, which means cleanlines. It is located in Sabana Norte.

Many yoga centers like the Nosara Yoga Institute, are located near the Pacific coast near to great surfing. Travelers can enjoy the beach along with their spiritual and physical journey with various professional yoga educations that can help in the improvement of a person’s well-being.

Costa Rica is not only a host to the typical vacation activities that can be done on its magnificent mountains and beaches. The country’s tourism also offers a personal and deep-level journey into self-improvement via its wellness centers.

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