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Luz de Vida Beachfront Surf Resort


Luz de Vida Beachfront Surf Resort

Luz de Vida Beachfront Surf Resort

Luz de Vida is a beachfront surf resort and vacation rentals located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Offering exquisite accommodations and tropical delights, the resort is a doorway to a wonderful retreat. Luz de Vida is manly geared towards surf enthusiasts who are seeking a luxurious and exotic place to stay with a handful of eminent surf spots nearby. Santa Teresa and its neighboring town, Mal Pais, are well known for their glorious beaches, surf points and smooth and consistent waves that reach the height of 3 to 10 feet high. The small towns have become worldwide famous and popular tourist destination because of their tranquil ambiance, sublime scenery and sport opportunities. At Luz de Vida Surf Resort, guests can enjoy several kinds of beach activities such as beach volleyball, pool table and tennis table. Furthermore, they can go on different expeditions to some of the best places of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. Luz de Vida Beachfront Resort, surf the super waves and have a luxurious vacation in a tropical paradise.

Oceanfront Restaurant and Bar

Luz de Vida Beachfront Surf Resort features a grand restaurant and a bar right on the beach with panoramas of the ocean. The restaurant is noted for its fine service, beautiful location and delicious meals. The place is superb for all sorts of occasions. Be it a merry family dinner, a romantic candle light dinner, a get together for friends or someone’s birthday – the restaurant has a perfect vibe! Luz de Vida Restaurant offers catering services and buffets for special events. Moreover, there is a bar where vacationers can hang out and have a refreshing cocktail.

Luz de Vida Resort Accommodations


The resort features 5 oceanfront furnished villas. Each villa is equipped with air conditioner, music system, a cabled television set, wireless internet, a swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, private parking space and 24 hours security system. They are a great choice for small families and couples.


Vacation houses are cozy with views of the ocean and have all the comforts of a home. There are large decks encompassed by lush gardens and the rooms are stocked with a mini fridge, cable TV, safety box, air conditioners and hot water.Young Vision Surf School


Cabinas have a charming air about them. They are not only budget friendly but also share the same amenities as villas! Backpackers, students on vacations and smaller families on a tight budget will the sweet little cabinas.

Surf Trips

Join Luz de Vida for a unique surf vacation! It provides you an opportunity to surf in a warm, clear water of the Pacific. Learn to surf in a beautiful and safe area under supervision. The resort arranges trips to numerous surf spots located nearby Santa Teresa.

Contact Luz de Vida Beachfront Surf Resort

Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 011(506) 8849 8569
Facebook Page:

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