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Surfing in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais


Surfing in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

Surfing in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

The consistent waves of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa lure thousands of surfers from all over the world. The secluded, tropical coastal towns are situated on the southern end of the Pacific coast of Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. The towns are free from all the hustle and bustle of the city which is largely appealing to the tourists who are looking for a serene getaway. Santa Teresa and Mal Pais feature a long range of sun baked white sand beaches bordered by a crystal clear ocean, a cluster of forested hills, dense tropical jungles and intense wildlife. The appeasing and scenic ambiance of the villages is to die for. Besides the beautiful set up of the towns, the amazing surf breaks have gained them a tremendous amount of popularity! Furthermore, they hold many international and local surfing competitions for advanced surfers. On your tropical retreat to Costa Rica, get ready to brave the raging waves!

Surfing in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is an incredible place to surf particularly during the summer season. There are hardly any crowds and surfers don’t have to wait for their turn in long lines. There are remote and glorious beaches that support excellent swells and waves. The two most popular surf spots are La Lora Amarilla and Suck Rock.

Suck Rock

Located next to La Lora Amarilla, Suck Rock is a famous right hand beach break. The waves are quite fast, large and steep often rising up to 20 feet! Before closing out, the waves can get double overhead. As the break is very popular among both tourists and locals, there are many great places to stay nearby Suck Rock. Some of the accommodations include Red Palms Resort and Flor Blanca.

La Lora Amarilla

La Lora Amarilla is considered one of the top five surf spots in Costa Rica. Its name is derived from an oceanfront bar which was called La Lora Amarilla by the locals. The wave is hollow; A shaped and breaks in both directions during the low tide. When the currents are strong and the tide is high, the wave can create a large wall of water up to 150 meters! La Lora is free from rocks; features perfectly shaped consistent waves making itself a most favored surfing destination.

Surfing in Mal Pais

In Mal Pais, popular surfs spots include Mar Azul, Playa Carmen, Punta Barrigona and the Sunset Reef.

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen features an amazing beach breaks with various peaks that break right and left. The swells are of excellent height and are headed from both south and north. The multiple peaks help in dispersing the people making the point less crowded. Playa Carmen has sand bottoms and waves with a longer right break and a short left break. The waves are very easy to surf making the beach a suitable place for novices and beginners.

Mar Azul

Rock formations, overhead swells and infrequent breaks make Maz Azul really appealing to pro surfers who are looking for a daring challenge. The swells have both right and left breaks and multiple peaks. The beach break is only recommended to professional surfers.

Punta Barrigona

Punta Barrigona is a rocky reef break with a long left hand that turns into a massive hot dog wave. It is only suitable for advanced surfers.

Sunset Reef

Sunset Reef is a left hand rocky reef break which is very rapid at first and then results in large ride-able wall. The reef is shallow and surfing can be dangerous.

Surf Schools in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

There are numerous surf camps, lodges and schools in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais – most of them right on the beach. One of the most recognized surf school is Blue Surf Sanctuary. Blue Surf Sanctuary offers surf lessons, fabulous accommodations and features great deals. It operated in both towns! The trainers and instructors are highly experienced and make sure that students learn to surf properly and enjoy the adventure as well. Another surf school, Del Soul, has been in the business since 2006. It was established by two brothers who have been surfing their whole lives!

Restaurants and Accommodations in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais are pertinent towns with many cosmopolitan restaurants and lodging options. The diners are normally very Surfing in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais1 (1)inexpensive offering a variety of cuisines ranging from Italian pizzas to fresh Tico sea food. The town also features fabulous bars where tourists can hang out and socialize. When it comes to accommodations, you will find many options. In Santa Teresa, backpackers might prefer budget friendly hostels like Hotel Casa Cecilia and Cuesta Arriba B&B Hostel while those looking for a lavish place may enjoy a retreat in Red Palm Villas, Latitude 10 Exclusive Beach Resort and Flor Blanca. Mal Pais also has many options. A stay at Sandy Lane Estate, a luxurious beach front hotel, or Luz de Vida Resort will be a fine way to spend a long awaited vacation. Tranquilo Backpackers is a comfortable and very affordable place for young travelers who are always on the move.

Surfing in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

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